Grace Central Coast Growth Groups - Recommitment - Fall 2017
Happy Summer shepherds! We want to serve you and the larger church the best we can by getting ready now for Fall 2017 quarter which begins Sunday, October 1st. Please take a moment to complete this very important form by Sunday, August 28th so that we have an accurate list of all continuing Growth Groups and rosters for Fall 2017.

Important Dates:

August 28th: Recommitment Forms Due

September 17th - October 1st: Open Growth Group Enrollment

Week of October 1st: Launch Growth Groups (Week #1)

Week of November 26th: Last week of Growth Groups (Week #9)

Please note all starred items must be filled in before the form may be submitted. Also, remember to click submit before you close this window. I encourage you to contact your roster from last quarter ASAP to see if they will be returning. Thank you sincerely!

Pastor Miles

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Please help us create your roster by inputting a list of your continuing participants. (If all are continuing, just put "SAME") *
First and Last names please. This is a very important piece of information. Please take the time to ask each member of your group.
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Remember the reccomended ideal group number is 12.
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Growth Group Style
Choose the best option to define your group from the list below. Or choose "other" and describe.
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As we look at expanding the Growth Group Ministry, do you have any group members who are future potential Shepherds?
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Finally, as we begin a new year and quarter, we wanted to give you a space to give us some feedback. Please use the space below for any questions or comments as it relates to growth groups and the audio training. Thank you. I value your questions and comments and appreciate you taking the time.
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