2016-2017 Parent Survey
l feel welcome when I enter the school.
My child/ children attend (check all that apply)
My child feels safe and secure while at school.
My child's school is clean and inviting.
My child is motivated to learn.
There are high academic expectations at my child's school.
Bullying, harassment, and/or intimidation are not tolerated at my child's school
Teachers regularly communicate with me.
I feel knowledgeable about what goes on at the the school.
My calls, emails, or notes to school staff are answered promptly.
I feel knowledgeable about the school's expectations for my child.
The school schedules parent/ teacher conferences in a way I can attend.
My child receives additional academic help when needed.
The school provides informational events/ workshops.
What type of events/ workshops would you find beneficial?
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The school provides parenting resources/ information.
What parenting resources/ information would you find most beneficial?
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The school asks for parent input.
Teachers care about my child/children.
I feel knowledgeable about the school's Reading/ Literacy programs and events (K-8 only?).
I have been asked to volunteer at the school.
Parents are involved in decision-making at the school.
My child/children has made adequate progress over the course of this school year.
Teachers communicate with me via (check all that apply).
I prefer school/building communication (school events/ happenings) via:
Summer school benefits my child
After school instruction/ tutoring benefits my child.
In-school instruction/ tutoring benefits my child
Reduced class size benefits my child.
I feel the following two practices would be most beneficial for my child (check boxes)
We want to get better! Please provide us with feedback/additional comments :)
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