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About The College Initiative (TCI)

MISSION | TCI provides college-capable high school students with the tools and mentorship they need to successfully apply to and succeed in college. The College Initiative forms partnerships with school districts, energetic teachers, and college student volunteers to ensure that every student aspiring to go to college will have the opportunity to do so.

OUR APPROACH | TCI stands apart as a service provider by taking an insourcing, rather than outsourcing, approach. We transform school communities from within by reorienting their existing people and assets to optimize student outcomes. The College Initiative trains schools’ existing teachers, parents, civic leaders, businesses, and volunteers to ensure that our students reach their full potential.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Currently, TCI partners with nine SCS High Schools, North Panola High School in Sardis, MS, and three high schools in neighboring Arkansas counties. It goes without saying that if you would like to volunteer with TCI in AR and or MS, then some minor travel will be required on your part. (No need to drive, though. You can hitch a ride with one of the TCI team members!)

Volunteer tasks vary from school-to-school and from week-to-week. Our Program Associates rely on a robust curriculum and utilize their judgment to spend more or less time on certain subject areas - tailoring the lessons to the needs of the students.Volunteer subject-matter can range from ACT prep, to essay revision, and even assisting with special events outside of school hours (FAFSA workshops, PTA meetings, mock ACT, etc.)

For questions, please contact Operations Associate, Robin Walker. Email: robin.walker@thecollegeinitiative.org Cell: (662) 607-8375
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All of our Partner Schools are within a 1.5 hour radius of Memphis.
Safety First
At TCI, we put "students first" in every decision we make. Requiring our volunteers to consent to a background check continues to ensure that we are committed to this priority.

Following right behind "students first" is the safety of our entire TCI Team. All volunteers will be required to review materials related to TCI's organization policy, procedures, and Code of Conduct, as well as our Child Protection Policy. (This may be done in a brief in-person training or an online webinar.)
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