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We are excited to announce Network Service Tiers Alpha, making Google Cloud Platform (GCP) the first major public cloud to offer a customizable network. We let you optimize for performance by choosing Premium Tier, which uses Google’s global network with unparalleled quality of service, or optimize for cost, using the new Standard Tier, an attractively-priced network with performance comparable to that of other public clouds. Learn more at:

Please review the following before signing up:
1. We do not offer any SLA for Alpha launch, so we recommend testing only with test traffic, not production traffic.
2. The Network Service Tiers pricing is published at Alpha for informational purposes, but will take effect when Network Service Tiers is Generally Available (GA).
3. You can configure the Network Service Tier at the Instance, Instance Template and Load Balancer level. Project-level configuration will be available between now and Beta.
4. Network Service Tiers is for traffic between GCP and Internet. We do not support Standard Tier for Internal RFC 1918 traffic- we only support Premium Tier for that traffic.

Testing Premium vs. Standard Performance:
For testing Premium vs. Standard Tier performance, we recommend testing with HTTP LB by configuring two load balancers, one with Premium Tier and the other with Standard Tier. This will give you the most accurate results in Alpha. Beta onwards, you can test with any workloads.

Next steps:
1. To whitelist your project for Alpha, please submit the form below.
2. We will be whitelisting in phases. Once you have submitted the form, we will notify you once your project is whitelisted.

Send questions and testing feedback to

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