Expedited Google My Business Verification
Please check the following before submitting your manual verification request:

-If I work out of my home, I have removed my address so it's not listed publicly on Google
-My business primarily meets with customers in person
-I created a business profile in my account (you can double check in the upper right corner which account you're signed into at google.com/business)
-If your business primarily operates via web/phone/email, we won't be able to verify your business.

For the partner: The business owner’s email address must be used to create and verify the Google My Business listing, not the partner's email.
Additional "Managers" can be added to help update and manage the business profile.

*Organizations that submit on this form that are not local partners with gybo.com, those verifications are unable to be processed.

Business name *
Official name as it should appear in the real world (Ex. signage on your store front).
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Name *
First & last name of business owner that we can contact to confirm they are working with your organization.
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Business city *
The city where the business is located.
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Google username/email address: *
This should be the business owner’s email that was used to set up the business profile (check the upper right hand corner of business.google.com to confirm).
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Partner Organization(s) *
Businesses using this form should be working with a Partner of GYBO. If this is blank, we won't be able to process the verification request.
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Contact email for partner organization:
In case we cannot locate your organization within GYBO, we'll search the organization by your registered partner email.
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