Expedited Google My Business Verification
Fill out this form, and we’ll manually verify your business within five business days, if eligible. You do not need to request a verification postcard.

Make sure to check your email address as we will follow up with a confirmation regarding your verification or if there are issues that need to be addressed.

*The business owner’s email address must be used to create and verify the Google My Business listing. Once verified, additional "Managers" can be added to help update and manage the listing.

This form is exclusive to partners of the Get Your Business Online program. It is intended to be used at Get Your Business Online events only and is not to be shared with organizations outside of the program or general business mailing lists.

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The city where the business is located.
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This should be the business owner’s email that was used to set up the business listing (it should be a Google Account, like Gmail).
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Businesses using this form should be working with an Official City Partner of Get Your Business Online.
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If you don't know, just ask the partner that gave you access to this form.
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