Google Geo Workshop @ EGU 2015
What: Google Earth Engine for Research and Higher Education Workshop @ EGU 2015
When: Monday, 13 April 2015, 6-10 PM
Where: Das Triest Hotel, Vienna - a short metro ride from the EGU conference.
Agenda and additional details here:

Due to limited space, we may not be able to accept every workshop applicant, and only a limited number of participants from each institution will be allowed.

Who should attend? This workshop is intended for scientists, researchers, students and faculty who regularly work with geospatial data. You will gain hands-on introductory experience with Google's Geo geospatial analysis platform: Google Earth Engine.

Ideal participants will meet one or more of the following requirements:
* Demonstrated ability to make effective use of Google geospatial technology within a research or academic setting
* Currently working on geo/mapping-related projects
* Intermediate-to-advanced technical experience in one or more of the following areas:
* GIS and/or Remote Sensing
* Google Earth, Google Maps, or Earth Engine
* Web/multimedia development
* Programming for Google Geo APIs

Cost: Attendance is free, following acceptance into the workshop through Google’s application process. Drinks and a light meal will be provided free to participants.

Google is pleased to provide attendance at this event at no cost when appropriate under applicable laws. By attending this event and accepting any gifts which may be offered, you certify that you are able to do so in compliance with applicable laws and the internal rules of your organization. The value of meals and gifts at this event is under 50€ per person. If you wish to pay Google for your attendance, please contact Allie Lieber at for an invoice.
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