CIKM - Women's Perspectives on Research and Development at Google Panel
The Women's Perspectives on Research & Development at Google Panel will be hosted on Monday, October 28th from 6-9 pm at our YouTube office.

Please complete the following form to let us know why you'd like to join us for the panel at CIKM. Through the forum experience, we'd like to offer participants an opportunity to connect with members of Google's technical team, hear individual perspectives on research at Google and ask us questions about our research and product development.

Space is limited, but we'll accommodate as many participants as possible. We’ll review all responses to this form and prioritize those whose interests in participating align well with the objectives of the forum experience.

Once added to the guest list, we’ll send you a confirmation email that includes the location of the event. We'll confirm participation no later than Friday, October 25th. Direct questions to

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