Sales Partner House & Demo Account Upgrade Request
-- Feb '17 UPDATE --
- House account linking and Quality of Service (QoS) upgrades are now self service for Sales Partners!
- This means you can link house product accounts to your primary Suite Organization and upgrade a limited number of the assets to 360 QoS. Linking and upgrading assets follows the same process used for end client organizations.
- Before upgrading assets, please ensure you've reviewed and adhere to the limits below.
- IMPORTANT: This update only applies to products linked to your primary Sales Partner organization. If you're using a Demo Organization i.e. separate org from the one where you manage your clients, you'll need to continue to use the form below to request asset upgrades.

- Please complete this form AFTER you have linked your demo accounts to your Demo Organization in the Suite Home. Instructions on how to link a product account to your Organization are available here:
- Once the Channel Manager team receives your response to this form they will upgrade the accounts you provided to a 360 service level. Turnaround time is approximately 1 week

-- LIMITS --
While you can link an unlimited number of accounts to your house or demo organization, we will only upgrade a limited number of products to the 360 quality of service. Below are the 360 limits per House or Demo org:
- Analytics 360: Can upgrade five Analytics Properties to Analytics 360.
- Tag Manager 360: Can upgrade two GTM accounts to Tag Manager 360.
- Optimize 360: Can upgrade two Analytics properties for an Optimize 360 account.
- Data Studio 360: No longer supported via the house and demo account process given the removal of the 5 report limit on the free version of the tool.
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Channel Manager Name *
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Are the following accounts linked to your Sales Partner Organization (house accounts) or to a Sales Partner Client that is marked as a Demo Org? *
Have you enabled the Suite Experience for your Sales Partner Organization / Demo Account? *
Enabling the Suite Experience is a requirement so please make sure this step is complete. More details available here:
Exact Organization Name in Suite Home *
Depending upon how you answered the previous question, please provide either the exact name of your Sales Partner Organization in the Suite Home or the exact name of your Sales Partner Client (demo) Organization.
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Analytics 360
Analytics Property to Upgrade
Provide the Analytics Tracking ID: UA-XXXX-Y
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Tag Manager 360
Tag Manager Account to Upgrade
Provide the Tag Manager account ID.
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Optimize 360
Analytics Property to Enable for Optimize 360
The Analytics Property you use in Optimize must be linked to your Organization. It can be either a standard or 360 property. Provide the Analytics Tracking ID: UA-XXXX-Y
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