SF Tech Chorale
We're starting a chorus! Here's the idea:
• No auditions - we do this for fun.
• We're a totally mixed bag of skills, but that's ok!
• We commit to coming to rehearsal and practicing for 8 weeks, then we perform - usually about 5-6 pieces.
• We plan to rehearse on a weekday evening right after work.
• We sing a cappella.
• We sing choral music - secular and sacred pieces from the choral literature of the 1500s on.
• We practice at Google.
• The director has a pretty reprehensible sense of humor and a penchant for bad puns.
Are you interested?
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What evenings are you available? (check all that apply)
What part do you sing?
Is there music that you'd like to do?
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Do you have anything else you'd like to suggest/share/ask?
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