Crisis response quota uplift request form
Google Maps APIs
Google supports non-governmental crisis response organizations internationally.

We offer no-cost quota uplifts of our popular Google Maps APIs Standard Plan ( up to 1 million requests per day for those requiring maps and location data to respond to crises. Please complete this form to apply.

If your site needs higher usage limits, technical support, reporting tools, SLAs — or if you plan to use our maps behind a login / paywall — contact our sales team to learn more about the Premium Plan (

Non-profits - please apply for a Premium Plan grant here (

IMPORTANT: Before applying, you must
(1) provide a project ID,
(2) enable the Maps APIs you plan to use, and
(3) have billing DISABLED for your project to avoid charges.

We will use the information to evaluate your request and contact you if you’re accepted. Google's use of your information in this form is governed by our privacy policy (

Your crisis response organization
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Your website address
What domain do/will you be using to host your Maps-related project?
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Daily audience reach
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Your full name
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Country in which you will be based while using the Google Maps APIs.
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Google contact who referred you (optional)
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Size of team
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How are you planning to use the Maps APIs?
In 500 words or less, please describe in detail your project and how you will use the Google Maps APIs. This information will not be shared and is for application reviews only.
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Estimate your expected usage
Grants may include uplifts to 1 million requests / day. Use the Standard plan calculator here:
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Project ID
Before applying, you must create a Project in the Google Developer Console (or use an existing project ID): Note: This is different than your API key.
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Which APIs are you using or planning to use?
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Important: Enable the APIs you plan to use
Before we can give your account an uplift, you'll need to enable the Maps APIs you plan to use in the Google Developer Console. Learn how to enable APIs here:
IMPORTANT: Do not enable billing
If you have billing enabled for your project in the Google Developer Console, you will be charged. Make sure you have not enabled billing for your project. For more information, visit the Help Center:
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