Hey guys, I’ve got a handful of Thank Yous for the people who contributed to the SoundCloud Meetup in San Francisco last night:

--A big big thank you to Liddy Parlato at Hangr 16 for opening the doors to us and being an amazing host. Liddy went out of her way to help with planning over the past month.  She also was very flexible and made sure that we were accommodated given what we wanted to do with the space.  Thank you also to Loric and Chris for helping out throughout the night.  For more information about Hangr 16, visit http://hangr16.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/HANGR16

--Another big THANK YOU to our DJ for the night, Bradley Cruz.  He played a huge role in providing the music.  He played a great set in the middle of the evening, AND he created the playlists that you heard before and after.  That’s three hours of great music all thanks to him!  It was awesome, and we all really appreciate it.

Here’s Bradley’s SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/cabeson . His Twitter handle is ‘@cabesonmusic’.  He also has other social media listed on the righthand side of his SoundCloud page.

--Thank you both to Hardy and J for being superb volunteers throughout the night! Hardy also manned the uploading station at the end of the first table.  We’ll be transferring his interviews from the night over to the SoundCloud SF Users group where you’ll all be able to access it soon.

--Also a super thank you to Jane Shin on the SoundCloud Community Team for being a fantastic resource for me and the rest of the SoundCloud Heroes as we planned a handful of the MeetUps throughout the country.  Thanks to Melissa Wong, also on the SoundCloud Community Team, for helping to arrange the set up of the venue.  And thanks to Evan and other SoundCloud team members for stopping by, and also making a beer run!

--And finally, THANK YOU to all of you guys for coming to the event!  I hope you had a great time. I really enjoyed meeting a lot of you last night, and I look forward to seeing you at future events.  Everyone can join/like the SoundCloudSF Facebook page to keep in touch and receive updates on planning future events.  Pictures will be posted soon!

And finally, as the SoundCloud Hero for SF, I am here to help you guys plan and organize the events that you want to see in our community.  If any of you want to plan something, I am here to help in whatever ways - finding resources, promoting, doing research, you name it.  Based on the surveys, I am going to start thinking of ways to help put on the events that you’d like to see in the community. I’ll be reaching out to those of you who expressed interest in leading and organizing as well.  

Thank you all again, and see you soon,