CKC StART Street & Urban Arts Workshop Registration

Join us for workshops at Aerosol Warfare! You may email, call or save time by filling out the form below. You will need to do a separate form for each person. History & Drawing 101 (1 1/2 hr) A beginner level workshop that introduces you to graffiti/street art history and basic art elements that go into the art form's culture and artwork. $20/person Stencil Making 101 (1 1/2 hr) Learn how to make a stencil and utilize spray paint with can control when applying your stencil onto a surface. $25/per person Spray Paint Techniques (1 1/2 hr) An intermediate level workshop that teaches you how to create art using aerosol spray paint, spray paint tools and sharpen your skills. $25/per person Studio Time (Up to 4 hours per person) An advanced workshop where you can utilize the Aerosol Warfare studio to create your own masterpieces you feel like working on. You will have some tools and supplies available for purchase or available for free, be in the presence or have as needed assistance from a professional graffiti artist. This workshop is for more advanced artists just looking for some extra guidance and possibly an inspiring place to create. $15/per hour Payment due on the day of workshop; we just need a headcount. Wear your paint clothes. Look forward to seeing you! Thanks!
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