Grow Op 2018 - Call for Submissions
Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Gladstone Hotel! Please take a minute to answer the following questions about your work/idea that you have for Grow Op - A four day Installation Art Exhibition Exploring Landscape and Place from April 19-22, 2018. Throughout the run there will be exciting programming affiliated with exhibition to create a fully immersive informative experience. ENTRY DEADLINE: September 30th, 11PM EST

There are many ways to participate:

1. Room Installations

Room installations invite participants to design immersive projects in the various studio spaces in the 2nd floor Gladstone Gallery.

2. Site-Specific Public Space Installations/Projects - Onsite

Hotel interior spaces include: Public spaces in the 1st floor lobby, Queen Street windows/façade, 2nd floor gallery walls and open areas including balcony, green roof, and stairwells, the Ballroom, bar area for Opening night/Media reception, Art café, etc.

3. Site-Specific Public Space Installations/Projects - Offsite

Exterior spaces include: Vertical walls of hotel, first floor green roof (south side), Hotel entry, Dufferin Amphitheatre (north side of Queen Street, west of Dufferin), public lands by tracks on south side of Queen, TTC shelter (at hotel entrance) and others. City permits will be required for temporary constructed installations on public property. The process takes time and should be initiated immediately upon acceptance to the show. Consideration of how offsite work integrates into the main 2nd floor gallery space and contributes to the hotel visitor experience is encouraged.

Participants are welcome to propose projects for sites that are not outlined in the proposal.

4. Public Programming

Proposals that emphasize and explore the show theme ‘culture of landscape’ are welcome as integrated events, lectures, performances, kid-friendly activities, tours, etc. These may occur on one evening, focus on a school group audience during the weekdays, or take place over the course of the exhibition.

Grow Op 2018 Fees

There is no proposal submission fee.
Fees to participate are as follows and will be required once the Jury has made its final selections.

Room Installations $350 + HST

Site-Specific Public Space Installations/Projects $100 + HST

Why Exhibit at The Gladstone Hotel?

- The Gladstone Hotel is one of the most respected art, design & cultural hubs in Toronto.

- Many of our exhibitors have been featured by The Globe & Mail, Canadian Architect, Narcity, The National Post, CBC, Toronto Star, The Torontoist, View on Canadian Art (VoCA), Breakfast Television, Toronto Life Magazine, BlogTO, NOW Magazine, AZURE Magazine, DesignLines, Design Boom, Huffington Post, Canadian Art and many more.

- We provide the opportunity to network with the media, curators, gallerists, collectors, artists, designers and members of the general public.

- We provide the opportunity for exhibitors here to receive special rates at the hotel.

- We provide alternative exhibition spaces that are optimal for independent and emerging designers with a range of design/art sensibilities including political, commercial and strictly aesthetic perspectives.

- We provide exclusivity – This is not a trade show. The unique exhibition setting of the art hotel, and the size, focus and mandate of the event provides every participant with the opportunity to be prominently featured in the show.

Please enter data carefully as it may be used/revised for marketing purposes if you are accepted to the exhibition.
Collective Name or Individual Artist Name *
Please indicated how you would like to be recognized.
Additional Names *
Please indicate the name(s) of all participants in your group if you are a collective.
Title of Project *
Please identify a working title for your project - a final title is due to the curator 6 weeks prior to the exhibition opening.
Primary Contact Email *
Please indicate a primary contact email
Group Emails *
Please add all the emails (separated by commas) of the people in your group that you might like us to inform in general updates. If not please add primary email again here.
Primary Phone Number *
Please indicate one phone number for your group that we can use if we need to contact you at any time.
Project Description 250 Words *
Please describe your project idea for the purpose of promotion (web, print, etc)
Artist Bio or Collective Bio 50 Words *
Please describe yourself or your collective practice for the purpose of promotion (web, print, etc)
Please indicate a website where we can direct inquiries. If you do not have a website it's a good idea to make a blog or tumblr that can be followed. If your CV is not included your website, please include it in pdf format along with images to the email below.
3-5 Images for consideration *
Please provide us with a link where we can download images such as dropbox, google drive, wetransfer or similar. Or email your curator with images to . (Email Subject: Grow Op 2018) Make sure images are jpg format titled as followed: ArtistName_Title.jpg and indicate image captions below as well.
Can these images be shared press?
Press images are due 6-8 weeks prior to opening, please share images of your work in progress with your curator or on social media and tag @gladstonehotel
Installation Details
We occupy a heritage building with special features which sometimes prevent work from being hung in certain locations and limits ceiling suspension. We will try to help you to problem solve installation if we know in advance. Please describe how your work should be displayed, if there are any special requirements or interventions you might want to do as well as requests for lighting, structure or suspension that you think might be an issue for installation. Final details are due 8-10 weeks prior to installation. If you want to know more about spaces you can visit:
First Choice - Location of Work
Is there a special location where you think your work would best be displayed - please describe.
Clear selection
Se Choice - Location of Work
Is there a special location where you think your work would best be displayed - please describe.
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Second Choice of Location
Please indicate other areas where your project might be installed.
Will you be seeking grants and sponsorship for your project?
Please indicate who you will be approaching and if recognition is required.
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