<Hamburg Hackathon> 2015
You want to join our Hackathon on May 23 & 24 2015 in Hamburg? Great!
All infos: http://hamburg-hackathon.de/hackathon/

***NOTE: Deadline for application was April 17th. You can still apply for the waiting list and to be informed about the next events.***

Our application process:
- Please answer the following questions.
- We will then review every application in order to ensure a good balance of people!
- The selected participants will get an official invitation with an Amiando link. You should then buy your ticket within one week.
- No worries, we only charge a very small security fee of 15 EUR for the ticket. (And of course, if you are not selected you don't have to pay anything. ;) ..)
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We are aiming for a fair gender ratio.
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Code beginners, code rockstars, designers, business hackers and creative innovators: We want all of you!
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Why do you want to participate in the Hackathon?
We want to know about your motivation.
Do you already have an idea for a Hackathon project?
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I agree that any ownership of ideas I share at the hackathon is given up by participating. I will not share ideas I am not willing to give away. *
The <Hamburg Hackathon> is for sharing ideas and developing them together. We expect everyone to respect each other and be fair, and to collaborate respectfully. However, by sharing your ideas at the hackathon, you agree to expose your ideas to other creative people, and we take no responsibility for protecting your ideas. Rather, you have agreed to give these ideas away. If you are uncomfortable with this agreement, do not share your ideas at the event.
I agree that pictures and/or videos of me taken at the event can be used for further event-related distribution via social media/press/web channels. *
We definitely don't want to mess with your privacy and will take great care that you don't feel uncomfortable with the images. But in order to spread the word about our networks and inspire more people to join we need to show the world some pictures about the great people engaging in events like this hackathon. Thank you for your understanding!
Have you participated in another Geekettes event before?
New and old Geekettes are welcome.
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Have you participated in another App Camps event before?
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Anything else you want to share with us?
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