Risk Assessment - Somerspirit
Event / Activity:Sailing Taster SessionsDate:2018
Event Coordinator:InstructorNumbers AttendingAdultsTBCChildrenTBC
Venue:Sutton Bingham Sailing ClubInstructor qualifications checked (if applicable)Yes
Consent forms completed (if applicable)ACTION: Guider
HazardWho is affected?What controls are in place?Risk Level (L/M/H)Are further controls necessary?Action by& DateReview by& Date
Drowning (if fall overboard or capsize)Leaders and participantsBoyancy aids used on pontoon / boat. Qualified and experienced leaders. Club safety boat on standby to attend. Girls briefed to stay with boat.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
Hypothermia (if unsuitably dressed or if fall overboard or capsize)Leaders and participants1. Clothing advice given in advance. Only suitably dressed participants allowed to sail.
2. Club safety boat on standby to attend man-overboard or capsize to minimise time in water. Procedure is to dial 999 in event of suspected hypothermia. Warm showers available in club-house.
Hyperthermia (in hot or sunny weather), Sunburn.Leaders and participantsWater available to drink in club-house. Advice given to bring hat / sunscreen / drinks in advance. In hot or sunny weather, girls briefed to wear hat / sunscreen and drink plenty.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
Slipping, banging head or trapping fingers when embarking / disembarkingLeaders and participantsGirls briefed to walk on pontoon (not run), sit down in dinghy, and keep fingers inside.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
Tripping over wires in dinghy parkLeaders and participantsGirls briefed to walk through dinghy park (not run), and look out for wires.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
Underwater obstructionsLeaders and participantsGirls not permitted to jump off pontoons. Club safety boat on standby to deal with any incidents during sailing.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
Safety boat propellersLeaders and participantsClub has A/B Officers of the Day in place, with A being an experienced sailor. Club provides safety boat induction / training as part of Officer of the Day programme. Can be supported with additional guidance from our leaders during a recovery operation.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
CollisonLeaders and participantsQualified and experienced instructors who understand rights of way. Sailing area chosen according to suitability of conditions, which includes consideration of the numbers of boats in the area, and the experience of those sailing them.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
Existing medical conditionsLeaders and participantsInstructors ask guiders to inform them of any medical conditions which may be exacerbated by the activity (to be monitored during the activity), or any special needs which should be taken into account during activity (e.g. communication needs).NoInstructor31-Dec-2018
Water-borne diseasesLeaders and participantsGirls advised not to get in to the water. If they do get wet, to wash before eating / drinking. Showers are available in the club-house. Girls advised to report that they've been sailing if they become unwell.NoInstructor31-Dec-2018