Risk Assessment - Somerspirit
Event / Activity:Sailing SessionsDate:2022
Event Coordinator:InstructorNumbers AttendingAdultsTBCChildrenTBC
Venue:Sutton Bingham Sailing ClubInstructor qualifications checked (if applicable)Yes
Consent forms completedAction: Leader
HazardWho is affected?What controls are in place?Likelihood of Risk Occurring (L/M/H)Severity of Risk (L/M/H)Are further controls necessary?Action by& DateReview by& Date
Drowning (if fall overboard or capsize)Leaders and participantsQualified and experienced sailors will be instructing. Club safety boat (with Officer of the Day) on standby to attend (when blue flag flying). LHInstructor to brief participants to stay with boat and use boyancy aid on pontoon / boat. Only sail when blue flag flying.InstructorBefore sailing
Leaders and participantsCheck on consent form if participants can swim 50mLHLeader to inform instructor if participant is a non-swimmer.LeaderBefore sailing
Instructor to prioritise rescue of non-swimmer in event of man overboard or capsize. Avoid having multiple non-swimmers in the boat at the same time.InstructorDuring event
Hypothermia (if unsuitably dressed or if fall overboard or capsize)Leaders and participants1. Clothing advice given in advance (on website).
2. Club safety boat on standby to attend man-overboard or capsize to minimise time in water. Procedure is to dial 999 in event of suspected hypothermia. Warm showers available in club-house.
LMOnly allow suitably dressed participants to sail.InstructorBefore sailing
Hyperthermia (in hot or sunny weather), Sunburn.Leaders and participantsWater available to drink in club-house. Advice given to bring hat / sunscreen / drinks in advance.LMCommunicate 'what do we need to bring' to parents (see website)LeaderBefore event
Advise participants to wear hat / suncreen / drink plenty if hot or sunny.LeaderDuring event
Slipping, banging head or trapping fingers when embarking / disembarkingLeaders and participantsLMAdvise participants to walk on pontoon (not run), sit down in dinghy, and keep fingers inside.InstructorDuring event
Tripping over wires in dinghy parkLeaders and participantsLLBrief participants to walk through dinghy park (not run), and look out for wires.
Underwater obstructionsLeaders and participantsParticipants not permitted to jump off pontoons. Club safety boat on standby to deal with any incidents during sailing.LLNo
Safety boat propellersLeaders and participantsClub has A/B Officers of the Day in place, with A being an experienced sailor. Club provides safety boat induction / training as part of Officer of the Day programme. Can be supported with additional guidance from our leaders during a recovery operation.LLNo
CollisonLeaders and participantsQualified and experienced instructors who understand rights of way. Sailing area chosen according to suitability of conditions, which includes consideration of the numbers of boats in the area, and the experience of those sailing them.LLNo
Exacerbation of medical conditionsLeaders and participantsLLInform instructors of any medical conditions which may be exacerbated by or need to be monitored during the activity.LeaderBefore event
Barriers to participation / exclusionLeaders and participantsInstructors will make reasonable adjustments to the activity to enable all members to participate.LLDiscuss with instructors what adjustments are needed (e.g. communication) and prepare an Adjustment Plan if appropriate.LeaderBefore event
Water-borne diseasesLeaders and participantsHandwashing facilities and showers are available in the club-house.LMAdvise parents to report that participant has been sailing if they become unwell.LeaderBefore event
Advise participants not to get into the water. If they do get wet, advise they wash before eating / drinking. Advise them to report they have been sailing if they become unwell.InstructorDuring event
Breach of data protectionLeaders and participantsExisting policy and information about data protectionLLCheck that any emails to parents are sent 'bcc', that permission is in place if you take photographs for girlguiding purposes and that consent forms are destroyed after the event.LeaderBefore and after event