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All of the brochures mentioned below can be viewed and downloaded at our website for personal distribution. To find these and more go here:

Please answer the questions below in order to have GHF materials shipped to you. The current processing time is three weeks for domestic orders and one month for international orders. If this is a rush order please note that in the "Other" section below, rush orders are subject to approval. Please Indicate if International Shipping is required in the "Other" section. A black Asterisk (*) next to an item indicates a low supply and may not be available within your desired time frame. If you have any further questions please contact the Materials Coordinator, Tabitha Ferreira, at

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Who is GHF? Brochure
Panfleto ¿Quién es el GHF?
Twice Exceptional—Smart Kids with Learning Differences Brochure
Gifted Cubed Brochure
Panfleto Superdotado al Cubo
The Educators' Guide to Gifted Children Brochure
The Healthcare Providers' Guide to Gifted Children Brochure
Panfleto Guía sobre los Niños Superdotado para profesionales de la salud
Partner with GHF Brochure *
GHF Bookmarks
GHF Online: Offered Classes *
GHF Press: Books Flyer
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