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Use of Technology
As technology becomes a part of our society, technology must be implemented in education. I am a teacher credentialed Math, Business, Information Technology and Engineering. In all of my classes, students are expected to use technology to complete many activities. Students will have the ability to come before school, and after school to work in the computer lab. If there are any issues or concerns please make an appointment to meet to go over accommodations.
Although homework and use of websites can be done at home. The use of this technology is considered district property. Appropriate behavior and academic language must be used at all times. As a highly diverse district, Garden Grove Unified School District actively combats bias and bullying, fosters an inclusive community and is committed to holding students accountable in an environment based on equity. This district strives to educating our young people on the consequences of their choices and the impact these actions have on our schools and the community at large.
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