Chromebook Post-Enrollment Student Survey
Please answer the following questions regarding the Chromebook rollout at GFSD. Thanks!
My grade is
1. The Chromebook is easy to use
2. I have had no trouble with keeping my battery charged for class each day
3. I am charging my Chromebook at home
4. My interest in class has increased due to the Chromebook
5. How has your level of understanding changed SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR for the following Chromebook Google Tools
Stayed the same
Not sure
Word processing (Google Docs)
Spreadsheets (Google Sheets)
Presentations (Google Slides)
Drawing (Google Draw)
Efficient searching of the Internet
Streaming videos/music
Video editing
Photo editing
6. The Chromebook tools you use allow you to complete your work more efficiently
7. Most of my teachers are using the Chromebooks to enhance their lessons
8. The level of Chromebook use in my classes
9. Connecting to the Internet at home has NOT been a problem for me
10. I would be willing to PURCHASE an approved case for my Chromebook instead of having to use the provided cases
11. I would be willing to pay up to $30 for this case
12. My preference for a PURCHASED case color would be
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