Chromebook Post-Enrollment Student Survey
Please answer the following questions regarding the Chromebook rollout at GFSD. Thanks!
My grade is *
1. The Chromebook is easy to use *
2. I have had no trouble with keeping my battery charged for class each day *
3. I am charging my Chromebook at home *
4. My interest in class has increased due to the Chromebook *
5. How has your level of understanding changed SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR for the following Chromebook Google Tools *
Stayed the same
Not sure
Word processing (Google Docs)
Spreadsheets (Google Sheets)
Presentations (Google Slides)
Drawing (Google Draw)
Efficient searching of the Internet
Streaming videos/music
Video editing
Photo editing
6. The Chromebook tools you use allow you to complete your work more efficiently *
7. Most of my teachers are using the Chromebooks to enhance their lessons *
8. The level of Chromebook use in my classes *
9. Connecting to the Internet at home has NOT been a problem for me *
10. I would be willing to PURCHASE an approved case for my Chromebook instead of having to use the provided cases *
11. I would be willing to pay up to $30 for this case *
12. My preference for a PURCHASED case color would be *
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