Slender Loris in Urban Bangalore
1. Have you seen a slender loris in Bangalore? *
2. If yes, how often have you seen it? *
Only once
2-5 times
5-10 times
>10 times
Within last 2 years
2-5 years ago
5-10 years ago
>10 years ago
3. How many individual lorises have you seen? *
4. Where have you seen it? *
(For example: Cubbon park, Lalbagh, IISc campus, Jaynagar, GKVK)
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5. What type of habitat have you see it in?
6. Please describe the habitat
(For example: Eucalyptus plantations in GKVK campus, forests in IISc campus, one acre of wooded forest patch)
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7. Does the habitat still exist?
(For example: buildings may have come up in its place)
Slender loris trade
8. Do you know of loris being sold in Bangalore? *
9. Have you ever had a pet loris? *
10. If yes, where was the loris from?
(For example: from Russell market, forests within the city, forests outside the city)
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11. Do you know of anyone who has had a pet loris? *
12. Have you ever rescued a loris from a market/pet trader? *
13. If yes, could you please give us details of the rescue: Date, How many, and Where
For example: Rescued on 12-01-2012, 2 Lorises, Jaynagar
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14. Have you ever seen a loris being rescued? *
15. If yes, could you please give us details of the rescue: Date, How many, and Where?
For example: Rescued on 12-01-2012, 2 Lorises, Jaynagar)
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16. What happened to the rescued loris?
For example: given to a rescue organization or released in a forest
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Slender loris Field Survey in Bangalore
17. Would you like to participate in a field survey of slender lorises? *
Please note that the lorises are nocturnal, surveys will be conducted at night
18. If yes, could you please tell us the area you live in?
This will help us with our survey logistics
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