Complaints, Compliments and Feedback Form

As the agency charged with protecting the public and enforcing the law, the Georgetown University Police Department strives to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We value the opinions of the community we serve in order to help us achieve this standard. By providing your input – positive or negative – we can learn where our efforts are hitting the mark and where we might need to focus our attention to improve the service we provide to the tens of thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors we encounter each year.

***If you believe you have been subjected to, or witnessed, police misconduct of any type, GUPD encourages you to report the incident via the Complaint form by clicking the NEXT button on the bottom of the page.***

For information on police disciplinary action and dismissal please click on the following link:

Georgetown University Police Officers endeavor to provide the highest level of customer service to our community. If you encounter a Georgetown University Police Officer who provided a high level of customer service or went above and beyond what is expected of them now if your chance to provide feedback. This feedback will be shared with the police officer and will be used to reinforce this type of positive encounter.

If you believe you have experienced this type of positive encounter, GUPD encourages you to report the incident by clicking the NEXT button on the bottom of the page.

The Georgetown University Police Department always welcomes feedback from the community. This feedback helps us to improve services and identity gaps in areas of need. All feedback is reviewed and considered for action by the Department.

Incidents of Bias can be reported to the Bias Reporting Team via the form on the following link:

The Georgetown University Compliance Helpline is a safe, and anonymous if desired, way to report complaints, problems or concerns about GUPD. To access the Helpline 888-239-9181 or click on the following link:

The Internal Affairs Process is the internal GUPD mechanism responsible for ensuring that all complaints of officer misconduct are handled properly.
GUPD investigates all complaints filed at any time alleging any type of misconduct,

If you have a complaint, compliment, or general feedback please write a detailed description on the following Complaint/Compliment Feedback form.

You can remain anonymous and the complaint will be investigated to its fullest extent.
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