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Interested in learning first-hand about what it's like to live on the Hilltop and be part of the Georgetown campus community? Let us know when you are available and we'll schedule a virtual meeting for you with a current student! Please fill out this form to schedule a Coffee & Chat with a representative from the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program. We will do our best to match you with a student who shares your interests.

Before or during the week of your campus visit, you will be contacted by the Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program with information about the Georgetown student you've been matched with for your Coffee & Chat.

**All chats are virtual and will be held through Google Hangouts**
**Chat times are all EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST) so please be aware of time differences.**
*Please sign up for as many time slots as you are available to give us some flexibility*
*Please do not sign up for a Coffee & Chat within three days of your visit*

Please direct any questions or concerns you have to and cc:
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Virtual Coffee and Chats are conducted via Google Hangouts. You do not need a Google account to participate in a Virtual Coffee and Chat. All coffee and chats will be conducted virtually until the end of the semester.
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