2019-2020 Council on Diversity Affairs Student Application - Due by Monday 9/2 at 5 PM
The Council on Diversity Affairs (CODA) will act as an advisory resource for Dr. Susan Cheng, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. CODA will focus on aspects of student campus life and the educational experience with respect to climate for diversity, inclusion, and culture; curricular and service learning program design suggestions, and, recommendations to promote increased recruitment, retention and advancement of students from minority and/or other disadvantaged groups across the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

The Diversity Council will consist of faculty, staff, and student members of Georgetown University School of Medicine, who will be voting members, and staff who will be a non-voting, ex officio members. Class members will be selected from each class of students. Staff members, who will be ex officio members of the committee, will include representation from the Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Affairs. The council will be chaired by the Senior Associate Dean for Inclusion. Calls for committee members will occur on an annual basis in August. All recommendations are advisory to the Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion who will be the final arbiter for modification and implementation of accepted recommendations. The term of service for all Committee members will be one year in length; terms may be extended at the discretion of the Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion.

CODA Priorities This Year:

Visibility: Increase the visibility of diversity and inclusion on campus;
Support: Create support for an inclusive environment that bolsters all students. staff, and faculty;
Curriculum Development: Assess interest in ideas or projects that integrate diversity and inclusion within the curriculum of medical school student training;
Enrichment: Structural ways to enhance diversity and inclusion through orientation, awards ceremonies, programming and other formal and informal structural components across GUSOM.

Upcoming Projects:

-Social media campaign for Second Day Look, co-partnering with Office of Admissions;
-Microaggressions 2.0 campaign;
-Continuing the Stall Seat Journal;
-Pop Up Wall showcasing the diversity of the student body;
-Filming bias education videos for the Stop, Talk, Roll campaign.

Past accomplishments:
-Launching a new First Gen Student and Mentor Network at GUSOM;
- Launching the new "Care for the Caregivers Initiative" aimed at addressing student mental health needs and providing group therapy supports for GUSOM medical school students;
- Participating in Diversity & Inclusion Panel for Second Look Day, co-partnering with Office of Admissions;
- Researching cultural competency workshops for M1 & M2 Curricula;
- Supporting a 4th year rotation at Whitman Walker Clinic;
-The establishment of gender-neutral bathrooms throughout the medical school;
- A reconditioning of the medical school’s curriculum to include cultural competency with regard to the LGBTQ+ community;
- The planning and execution of Lavender Graduation, an end-of-the-year celebration specifically acknowledging the achievements of LGBTQ+ students and allies;
- The planning and execution of Georgetown’s “Why Black Doctors” and "What a Doctor Looks Like" educational event and
- Facilitation of dialogues about diversity with representatives from different factions of the medical school community, - including admissions, practicing physicians, and medical school students.

The requirements for serving on CODA include :
- Be committed to cultivating and promoting diversity and inclusion at GUSOM;
- Be in good academic standing;
- Adhere to highest standards of professionalism and not be in receipt of any physician report forms;
- Sign the confidentiality clause and commit to preserving a safe community for dialogue and collaboration;
- Be in good standing with financial aid and registrar procedures;
- Be in compliance with all other university requirements;
- Student also acknowledges CODA procedures and committee charge by signing this document.

For more information about the council, see CODA Bylaws here: https://docs.google.com/a/georgetown.edu/document/d/1UYp1Ti0NFKpiHZNYtRdE5h0_zZIkNyhHtCO9C8OV7gU/edit?usp=sharing

All Georgetown medical students are encouraged to apply to CODA. Georgetown University's commitment to diversity is fundamental to its educational mission. Georgetown University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, political affiliation, source of income, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law in the administration of its educational policies or in the provision of access to its programs, facilities, services, and activities.

Applications are due by Monday 9/2 at 5 PM.
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8. CODA's agenda for the upcoming year will be centered around the three objectives listed below. On which would you be most interested in focusing?
1) Visibility: to increase the visibility of diversity and inclusion on campus, 2) Support: to create support for an inclusive environment that bolsters all students, staff, and faculty, and 3) Curriculum Development: To indulge interest in ideas or projects that integrate diversity and inclusion within the curriculum of medical school student training.
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10. We all know that med school students are busy and don't always check (or open) their emails. How will you find a way to reach out and connect with fellow students outside of email? *
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11. We are exploring a thematic idea this year around educating our campus on microaggressions in medicine/healthcare. What are your top 2 ideas for designing a high-impact educational campaign on this topic at GUSOM? *
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