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Request To Close GOCard Debit Account
A $25 processing fee will be deducted from your account before the balance is refunded. Balances below $25 will not be refunded. The University reserves the right to apply balances to charges remaining on the student account. If there are charges on an existing Student Account, they may be paid before refunds are issued. Refunds will be issued by check and processed within 4-6 weeks of request. The check is made payable to the cardholder only. Closed accounts may not be reactivated for sixty (60) days.
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Please pause here and note: Are you a registered supplier at Georgetown? You will not receive a refund if you are not a registered supplier or have not submitted a W9 to the University within the past year. You need to be a registered supplier in order to receive money from the University, even if you are a current or former student, parent, or employee. **Your netID is not the same as a supplier ID** If you are a registered supplier please provide your supplier ID. If not: use the following link, complete registration, and then notify us at Thank you! *
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