SpiL Trip Reference Form
This is a confidential reference and the information you provide will not be released to the applicant. Student application packets will not be considered "complete" until all 3 references have been received. Only students with complete applications will be considered for interviews.


The person identified above has applied to participate in a three week long George Fox University May Immersion and Service Trip in 2018 and has listed you as a reference. Students will be chosen for one of four international teams (Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, and Romania/Moldova) that will be led by university faculty/alumni/representatives and co-led by a student leader. Each SpiL team will be volunteering within the long-term ministry of well-established and respected Christian organizations.
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The personal characteristics indicated below are good indicators of how a student will respond in a challenging environment and in cross-cultural relationships. Please give us a frank assessment for each item including a numerical rating and any supporting comments. *
5 = Excellent
4 = Good
3 = Average
2 = Below Average
1 = Poor
n/a = insufficient basis for judgement
Maturity of Christian Commitment: Demonstrates a personal and growing faith in Jesus Christ
Flexibility and Adaptability: Ability to adjust plans on short notice. Willingness to adapt without complaint to practices which may not make sense in a North American context.
Emotional Stability: Ability to deal with the pressure of new circumstances. Ability to cope patiently with frustrated expectations and/or misunderstanding.
Openness and Initiative: Responds well in new experiences. Accepting of differences. Willingness to learn from those holding different viewpoints.
Team Player: Ability to follow, encourages and support the established leadership.
Responsibility: Consider the degree to which the applicant is dependable, prompt, accurate, and thorough.
Empathy and Interpersonal Skill: Sensitive to the perceptions and needs of others. Ability to befriend and relate well to new acquaintances. Cooperative attitude toward supervision.
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