Global GeoGebra Institute Network
This form is for everyone who wants to join the Global GeoGebra Institute Network (GGIN) - a group of active community members creating and sharing materials and ideas on GeoGebra.

If you want to share your GeoGebra materials, help others learn how to use GeoGebra apps, and get the latest GeoGebra news directly from us, then this is the right Group for you!

To be considered for a GGIN Badge, and to join the Group, you need to create and maintain an active GeoGebra profile page. For examples of what an active profile page looks like you can check out and Don't worry, it will take some time to create, favorite and share as many materials as you see on Zulma's and Tim's page. All you need to do to join and retain your GIN badge is to show you are actively contributing to your/our global community in the support of mathematics learning.

In your profile page Account Settings don't forget the following:
- Profile Pic: upload a profile picture
- Name: provide your name, using use your real first name and family name
- Location: enter your city and country until the autocomplete locates you
- About: write a friendly personal message, e.g., what you like about GeoGebra, mathematics, personal interests, etc
- Materials: its really important that you have publicly shared GeoGebra worksheets and books on your profile page
- Following: use the Follow feature to follow people whose work interest you

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