Saturday School Application for Tutors

Please fill out this on-line form in order to be considered for the Fall 2014 Saturday School. In addition you will need to e-mail a copy of your knightweb transcript to The on-line application and knightweb transcript will be due by September 4, 2013. Saturday School will commence on September, 14, 2013 from 10:00-2:00pm at a Public Library in Rochester. This experience will provide you with academic and limited personal interactions with Rochester city school children including students with English Language Limited backgrounds, students with special needs and other students from diverse backgrounds. Dates include 12 Saturdays during the semester. Participants can arrange car pooling with other participates to commute each week. Participants may receive 3 directed study credits pending approval by the Dean of the SOE for providing tutoring, and well written reflections on at least 10 of the 12 meeting times . Your application will be reviewed as soon as it is submitted, your name will be run through a NYS child abuse data base and you will receive an e-mail regarding your status and follow-up initial meeting. If you would like more information on the program, please refer to our website: Feel free to email with questions too!
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