Call For Information - Quality Principles

Step Up To Serve is a strategic cross-sector initiative to help enable an increase in the scale and reach of youth social action in the UK.

A key pillar of the campaign strategy is to improve the quality of opportunities that are available. Step Up To Serve launched with a set of principles that describe what high quality youth social action looks like. Generation Change's pledge to the campaign is to build on the quality principles and develop guidance on how they can be applied.

In this call for information, David from Generation Change is looking to collect examples of practices used by different organisations to meet the quality principles.

He will then create an outline of practices through the campaign's working groups, and Step Up To Serve will use case studies to help disseminate these findings. We are incorporating learning from the NDTi/Pears scoping study on full participation and will seek to make this work accessible and relevant to a diverse audience.
By “youth social action” we mean practical action undertaken by children and young people in the service of others to create positive change.

We know that youth social action takes place in a range of contexts, and want to highlight good practice from a wide variety of different backgrounds. This can mean formal or informal activities, in any setting. For example:

- online
- extracurricular
- in clubs and groups
- informally
- as part of structured programmes
What are the principles?
Many organisations were consulted across the youth, voluntary, education, business and faith communities, and established a set of 6 principles agreed by all the sectors to underpin quality and meaningful youth social action.

The 6 principles are that social action should be:

Socially Impactful
Next steps
We want to build on these principles by looking at what organisations do to put them into practice.

Throughout the November anniversary of the campaign, Step Up To Serve will be communicating great examples of each principle in practice. This will help build understanding of what youth social action involves, and enable organisations to improve the quality of their youth social action opportunities.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for specific practices that organisations do to meet the quality principles.

You can help us by sharing some great examples of what your projects, activities or programmes do to meet the principles. So for example, how do you make your activities "youth led"?

We know that all projects and activities will interpret and apply the principles differently depending on context, and so the call for information is to help capture a wide range of approaches. Please feel welcome to explain to us why you work in a particular way.

How will we use the information?
Step Up To Serve will be looking to bring the 6 quality principles to life through inspiring stories, and help individuals and organisations apply these principles in practice to enable more high quality structured youth social action opportunities for young people across the UK.

We will get back in touch with organisations for case studies and to develop ways of communicating this learning to other sectors and contexts.
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