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We thought it would be cool to give a few of our sponsors a chance to dive a little deeper with our awesome attendees. Presentations will be held in the Showbox SoDo Lounge Each presentation will last about 20 minutes and we have room for 35 people per session. For attendees, it’s a chance to get a lot more information about certain products and services being showcased at the event than you can usually manage by visiting their table. To reserve a spot, just tell us which sessions you’d like to attend and provide your name and email at the bottom.
7:30pm – Clipboard – The Best Way to Save and Share Anything Online Gary Flake, CEO of Clipboard Inc. and thought leader in the industry will discuss evolution of the Internet from browsing, to search, to social connectivity and finally saving. Even though the web is over 20 years old, there has been little progress to-date in providing users a practical mechanism that saves their favorite online content while preserving context, functionality and richness of the original source. Whether it’s saving guitar tabs, potential rental properties, wedding ideas or planning upcoming travel – Gary will demonstrate how Clipboard has developed an easy and powerful tool to help users archive their lives online. 8:15pm – SugarSync – Cloud Storage, Sync and File Sharing Service SugarSync is a free Cloud service that enables you to backup, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies so that you can access them from any computer or mobile device. Stop by their session to get a demo of how SugarSync works, including how to keep all your devices in sync and how to access all your digital stuff from any device. Want to know how to automatically backup all your mobile photos, how to stream music to your mobile devices, and how to access all of your work files from any device? This is the session for you. 9:00pm – Discover Hands-free Mobile Video Live Streaming with Looxcie The only complete video service that lets you easily capture, share and enjoy what’s happening as its happening. We’ll show you how to capture your personal point of view and stream it to your friends and family or broadcast to the world. With our two way communication, you’ll be able to have a live conversation with the people you’re live streaming to. And we’ll show you how to get instant replays of what just happened (even if you weren’t trying to record it) and share the replay. Life should be experienced live. Looxcie puts everyone in the moment by enabling you to stream and share instantly. Everything is happening right now and you should be a part of it.
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