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CuriousCurious about Canvas?
45 Minute
SessionAdam Pitcher, Jeremy MayCome and see why so many schools in Indiana are using Canvas.
GMCGoogle Meets Canvas
45 Minute
SessionAdam Pitcher, Jeremy MayUsing GAFE? You don't have to start over with Canvas.
LWCLeading with Canvas
45 Minute
SessionAdam Pitcher, Jeremy MayStrategies for Building Leaders
99 Problems But Parent Communication Ain't One
45 Minute
SessionAimee RadfordTake your daily sheets and throw them in the recycling bin. Bloomz will completely change the way you communicate with parents, organize volunteers, and let family know about all the great learning your students are doing! This free app is parent and teacher friendly, secure, and FREE!
Building a Digital Toolbox to Support Pedagogy
45 Minute
SessionAlex Urrea
MoveMovement and Motion
45 Minute
SessionAlicia McAfee, Jeff FarmerMore movement in the classroom
CodingHow to Bring Coding Into Any Classroom.
45 Minute
SessionAmanda DykesThink that since you are not a computer teacher coding is not for your class? Think again! Learn how to use Scratch and other coding sites with your curriculum.
PBLMPBL-More than Just Projects!
45 Minute
SessionAmanda DykesProject Based Learning is more than creating but inquiry and all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. You will learn the difference between projects and PBL. Hear of successes and failures from a teacher who developed and teaches a PBL class. You will leave with ideas for using PBL in your classroom.
Amber1Amber Teamann Spotlight Session 1
45 Minute
SessionAmber TeamannTBA
Amber2Amber Teamann Spotlight Session 2
45 Minute
SessionAmber TeamannTBA
ETLIEnhancing Teaching and Learning with iPad
45 Minute
SessionApple, Inc.<p><strong>This session is an opportunity to explore how the iPad can transform teaching and learning and engage students like they've never been engaged before. Educational applications of the iPad include digital textbooks, eBooks, web-based digital content, and apps for all curriculum areas and grade levels K-12. We explore productivity and creativity tools for content creation and publishing.&nbsp;</strong></p>
IOS9iOS 9.3 in Education
45 Minute
SessionApple, Inc.<p><strong>Join us for an exclusive briefing about what&rsquo;s new for schools in iOS 9.3. We believe technology has the power to transform the classroom&mdash;and with iOS 9.3, we&rsquo;ve made big changes to make it even easier to get devices in the hands of your students.</strong></p>
ETLMEnhancing Teaching and Learning with Mac
45 Minute
SessionApple, Inc.<p><strong>In this session we'll explore how the MacBook can transform teaching and learning and empower students to discover their own genius. Educational applications of the MacBook Air can include digital textbooks, eBooks, web-based digital content for all curriculum areas and grade levels K-12. We explore productivity and creativity tools for content creation and publishing.</strong></p>
OSKeyOpening session and Keynote2Bill Ferriter
Bill1Bill Ferriter Spotlight Session 1
45 Minute
SessionBill FerriterTBA
Bill2Bill Ferriter Spotlight Session 2
45 Minute
SessionBill FerriterTBA
PrivacyBalancing Innovation and Data Privacy
45 Minute
SessionBob DillonThe conversation about data privacy is one that everyone needs to be involved with. For innovation in a space to remain strong, it is essential that all educators and learnings at a school take time to think about how to best balance innovation and data privacy. It is possible to say yes to innovation while saying no to those that are looking to attack our systems and information. Join us to find out how.
ConnectLeading Connected Classrooms
45 Minute
SessionBob DillonAs more and more of our classrooms shift to place of learning that are filled with devices, how are changing how we lead these classrooms. How do we craft high engagement, high relevance, and higher achievement. Join us to discuss how effectively leading today's connected classroom can make all of these things a reality.
DigiOur Digital Future
45 Minute
SessionBob DillonSchools have run past the stop sign on bringing digital learning to the classroom. This has left us all considering how to reshape our digital future. Join us for a conversation about how to interrupt the signs ahead that should lead our actions as well as a look at the potential opportunities to close some of the gaps that are continuing to emerge in education.
A Space of Your Own; Using Makerspace for Your Classroom Needs
45 Minute
SessionBrenda Von AlmenMy objective is to help people know that creating a Makerspace can facilitate learning across all levels and does not have to cost a bunch of money or take a ton of time.
Destiny: Connecting Content Areas and Literacy
45 Minute
Brenda Von Almen, Dawn Jenkins, Sara Crawford
We would like to show teachers how to use the Destiny Library Program in order to connect students to books and media related to specific content areas. The idea is for teachers in specific content areas to be able to share books that interest them as well as books that are content area specific. It can be used for specific classroom assignments or it can be used as a fun way to connect students to content area specific books or just books that you enjoy!
Leveraging the Potential of Open Educational Resources (OER)
45 Minute
SessionCarrie SaloDiscuss how utilizing Knovation's Content Collection can save hours on finding the right digital resource to personalize learning.
Leveraging the Potential of Open Educational Resources (OER)
45 Minute
SessionCarrie SaloDiscuss how utilizing Knovation's Content Collection can save hours on finding the right digital resource to personalize learning.
C'mon Get Appy! Google Apps, Extensions, and Addons
45 Minute
SessionChantell ManahanOrganize your life and make learning more efficient with Google Apps, Extensions, and Addons.
Engage Your Students and Incorporate Pop Culture
45 Minute
SessionChantell ManahanStudents will watch Youtube videos and reality tv for hours on end. Harness their power by incorporating a little pop culture into your lessons!
HookedHooked on HyperDocs
45 Minute
SessionChantell ManahanTired of waiting in line at the copy machine? Sick of juggling piles of papers? If you (and your students!) are tired of worksheets, check out HyperDocs as an interactive alternative!
DitchDitch That Textbook
45 Minute
SessionChantell Manahan, Sean Fahey
SeatFlexible Seating in the Classroom
45 Minute
SessionChristine Lawrence, Paige SchuelerFlexible seating allows for students be in charge of their learning in the classroom. Research has shown that flexible seating has helped improve engagement, focus, and overall performance in the classroom.
NBCLStudent Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
45 Minute
SessionCyndy HarrisonEncourage Student Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
SBNBCLStudent Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
45 Minute
SessionCyndy HarrisonEncourage Student Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
Student Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
45 Minute
SessionCyndy HarrisonEncourage Student Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
Student Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
45 Minute
SessionCyndy HarrisonEncourage Student Blogging Activities with NBC Learn
KahootKahoot, love it you will!
45 Minute
SessionDaniel DietrichIt is a period of unrest for little people of D4 pod. <br /> Rebel students, striking with paper airplanes from a hidden corner of the room, have won their first victory against the defeated classroom teacher who needed something new and fresh to review all he had taught. <br /> During the lesson, spies managed to steal the next day's lesson plans, another boring activity.<br /> Without a defensive weapon, the students would have enough power to destroy the entire lesson. <br /> Pursued by the fear of failure in the classroom, Darth Googliroid Kahootinus races home aboard his Honda Ridgeline 4WD, determined to Google a program that can save his students and restore order to D4.... <br /> <br /> It was then, that an unsuspecting hero emerged to make learning awesome. That hero...was Kahoot! A mighty collection of questions on specific topics. Kahoot! was created by teachers, students, business-people and social users. Kahoot! reacts in a single bound, in real-time, to an unlimited number of &ldquo;players&rdquo;, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment for the little people of D4 pod and to all little people across the educational galaxy..!/KD9WHnuBb19Fa5kFIey
Deeper than Docs: Getting More Out of Google Apps for Education.
45 Minute
SessionDawn JenkinsDo you know the basics of Google Docs? Are you wanting to learn more about what is available with Google Docs to inhance technology use in your classroom? If you answered yes to both of these questions, this session may be for you. Go deeper with docs and see what you may be missing.
Flipped Professional Development Using Google Classroom
45 Minute
SessionDenise EllnorDo you get tired of answering the same questions over and over? Are you pretty sure staff never reads emails or newsletters? This session is geared toward AIC's, Administrators, STC's, and instructional coaches who want to be able to deliver quick and easy professional development to staff and maximize time for staff collaboration.
MuseCreating Your Own Museum2 HourWorkshopDonna DailyAre you looking for creative ways to do the Frayer Model, story elements, or book reports? Are you just simply looking to be more creative in your classroom? Then this may be the session for you. The first part of this session will teach you how to use the website Museum Box with the second part giving you time to apply your new found knowledge. Bring your device, pacing maps, and lesson plans and create your own museum.
Elevating the Craft of Writing through Revision and Conferring
2 HourWorkshopErin KleinLearn strategies to launch your writing workshop with organization and creativity. Gain useful management tips and sound pedagogical practices to lift the craft of your young writer's stories. Students will become inspired to write longer, with enthusiasm and confidence. You will be amazed at how your writers will grow throughout the unit. As a teacher, you will enjoy teaching each lesson as you look closely at the mentor texts you've loved for years and see your students apply quality craft to their own writing.&nbsp;
A Student's View of ipads in the classroom!
45 Minute
BlockLiteracy Block Revamped!2 HourSessionHeather Urbano, Kasey ComerNeed some new ideas for your literacy block? We have got you covered! We will introduce you to two models for your literacy block and help you develop your own before you go, perfect for the start of the school year!
Digital Citizenship Certification - Why and How with ICE to Help!
45 Minute
SessionIndiana Connected EducatorsDiscuss the needs in their district regarding digital citizenship, and share with others. <br /> Explore options for becoming digital citizenship certified through the Indiana Connected Educators and Common Sense Education.
OverclaClassFlow Overview
45 Minute
SessionJacob Preston<p>Are you looking for a quick easy way to bring everything that you have to teach together? Allow me to introduce ClassFlow. A dynamic lesson delivery system that allows you to instantly engage, assess and differentiate your students. This session is designed to show you all the possibilities ClassFlow can offer you for FREE and allow you to get your feet wet with your own account. We look forward to seeing you!</p>
Integrate Google Apps into your ClassFlow Lesson
45 Minute
SessionJacob Preston<p>Do you use Google Docs, Forms or Sheets in your classroom? Would you like a tool that allows you to quickly disseminate these to individual, group or whole class all the while keeping a watchful eye on the information being shared. This week we will teach you the basics of embedding all of your Google Apps directly into ClassFlow so you can keep your lesson flowing and your students accountable. ClassFlow is FREE!</p>
SETTSetting Up Classes and Polling in ClassFlow
45 Minute
SessionJacob Preston<p>Begin by setting up your classes &ndash; Student Generated or Teacher Generated &ndash; oh MY! Then learn how to turn any device that your student has in their hands into a learner response device. In this session we will be going over basic questioning techniques to make sure you are asking the right questions to get the data you need. We will then take it one step further to help you understand how to use that data to drive the next step in your lesson. ClassFlow is FREE!</p>
Integrate Google Apps into your ClassFlow Lesson
45 Minute
SessionJacob Preston<p>Do you use Google Docs, Forms or Sheets in your classroom? Would you like a tool that allows you to quickly disseminate these to individual, group or whole class all the while keeping a watchful eye on the information being shared. This week we will teach you the basics of embedding all of your Google Apps directly into ClassFlow so you can keep your lesson flowing and your students accountable. ClassFlow is FREE!</p>
DoceriDoceri: Control Your Computer, Remotely
45 Minute
SessionJames KimbellDoceri is an app, for iPad and Windows tablets, that allows you to control your computer, and therefore your projector, from anywhere. You can keep it on a podium and present, you can walk around and click through slides, you can write on the slides, you can draw something from scratch, you can record your progress, you can hand it to students and have them write on the board, and many other possibilities. Try more things from more places.
WordWordpress: If You Build It, They Will Come
45 Minute
SessionJames KimbellInstead of covering the basics of Wordpress in theory, I'll show you two actual sites I use for my classes at Jeffersonville High: one for posting student work on a creative writing class, and another for taking tickets from teachers in need of tech support. I'll discuss how they work, how they don't, and what else they could do.
PaperGo Paperless: If I can do it, you can!
45 Minute
SessionJan FinchStreamline your paperwork with Google Classroom. Start simple and add features that you need.
Getting to Deeper Learning through Fieldwork
2 HourWorkshop
Jennifer Pieratt, Doug Powers, Jerry Smith
Learning deeply is an aspiration every one of us, as educators, has for our students. While the philosophies of the Deeper Learning movement sound agreeable at minimum, and enticing and exciting at best, they can also be intimidating. This session is designed to 1) take one step toward demystifying how to plan and facilitate deeper learning and 2) provide participants with tools and skills to tackle deeper learning through one (of many) vehicles: field work. Join us as we learn about, explore and design field work opportunities to engage our students in more meaningful learning.
TechGT Tech Extravaganza
45 Minute
SessionJessica BroadyParticipants will be graced with my presence for 45 glorious minutes.
Blendspace: A Free Tool for Teachers and Students!
45 Minute
SessionJessica LangdonParticipants will see examples of Blendspace and learn how to develop Blandspace lessons as well as how to have students use it.
Student Collaboration: New Possibilities with 1:1
45 Minute
SessionJessica LangdonParticipants will use Google Apps to find and create student collaboration projects. Participants will also be given tips and other technology resources for student collaboration.
GCK12Google Classroom k-12
45 Minute
SessionJessica McKinney, Katie ShawIntro to Google Classroom
Critical Thinking with Collections: Finding and Utilizing Resources for the Middle School ELA Textbook
2 HourWorkshopJessica MomanLearn how to navigate the online textbook, Collections, and utilize the wealth of resources that come with it. ***Need to have teacher login information before session***
LimitLiteracy without Limits - Middle Grades
45 Minute
SessionJessica MomanLiteracy is important in all content areas, but if you aren't trained for that, where do you start? What's the difference between cloze and close reading? When should students write to learn and write to demonstrate learning? Is grammar REALLY needed on a rubric in Science and Social Studies? Are papers the only way to incorporate writing? This session will cover 5 reading strategies that can be used in all content areas, plus 5 critical writing activities to get your kids thinking without requiring a long, boring paper. Get your students reading and writing at a higher DOK without them knowing! Walk away with rubrics for these ideas, along with exemplars to use with students.
GlobalA Global Culture - Legal Issues2 HourWorkshopJill WoernerDoes your district offer the Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency? Are your world language teachers speaking primarily (90%) in target language? Are you a guru regarding exchange students? If you answered 'No' to any of these questions, please join me to learn these answers and so many more to ensure that you're truly leading students toward global preparedness in the 21st century.
Lang16World Languages - 2016 & Beyond2 HourWorkshopJill WoernerAre you up-to-date with practices in the world language classroom? If it's a been a while without PD, come learn about Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs), Can-do statements, Authentic Resources and where to find all of the tools to implement this in the classroom in this fast-paced session!
Meet your Destiny: Teacher Librarians and Coaches
45 Minute
SessionJoe Barry, Denise ChrismanAre you often sitting alone with books and resources, waiting for teachers to come find you? Are you a coach, wanting to connect teachers to your library but aren't sure how? If you are a Greater Clark TL or Lit/eCoach, spend this 45 minutes learning how to promote your Media Center resources, both print and plug-in!
Meet Your Destiny: Classroom Teachers and e/Literacy Coaches
45 Minute
SessionJoe Barry, Denise ChrismanYou know there is a wealth of knowledge and resources just down the hall in the media center. You also know your teacher librarian/media specialist is there when you need help. You also know there are kids in your class that work faster than others requiring extra time, attention and materials. What you may not know is that Destiny (a program already purchased for GCCS schools) can solve all of these! Destiny was designed with the 1:1 in mind, so spend time with use discovering how we can work for you, your media center and your students!
Destiny Workshop: Build Your Library Integration!
2 HourWorkshopJoe Barry, Denise ChrismanYou've heard about Follet's Destiny program and now you are ready to put it to work for you and your students! &nbsp;Use this workshop to work with your standards and content and Destiny to build lessons and opportunities for your students!
Confident Voices: Leveraging Digital Tools for ELL Classrooms
45 Minute
SessionJohn SpencerCreate a tech-integrated ELL lesson plan that leverages digital tools
The Creative Classroom: Boosting Creativity and Innovation Through Design Thinking
45 Minute
SessionJohn SpencerDespite the myth of 'digital natives,' most of my students have very little experience using technology as anything more than a consumer device. It doesn't have to be this way. By using a&nbsp;design thinking&nbsp;framework,&nbsp;teachers can foster creative thinking in every content area. We walk through the&nbsp;design thinking cycle, looking at specific examples of what it can look like in all grade levels. Participants should leave feeling inspired, challenged and empowered to create spaces where creativity thrives.&nbsp;&nbsp;
In the Zone: Maximizing Flow for Student Engagement
45 Minute
SessionJohn SpencerEver been 'in the zone' while working on a project? You lose track of time. You focus on what's in front of you. There is a strange mix of calmness and excitement. Those moments are tied into something called&nbsp;Flow Theory.&nbsp;How do we create lessons, experiences, projects and spaces that maximize flow for students? This session is an interactive discussion with an end product of something tangible that would increase flow in learning (a space, a lesson, or a unit).
CraftIntroduction to Classcraft
45 Minute
SessionJonathan EddyI can introduce Classcraft, model and explain the way it can be integrated into the classroom and answer any questions about how it works.
Josh1Josh Stumpenhorst 1
45 Minute
SessionJosh StumpenhorstTBA
Josh2Josh Stumpenhorst 2
45 Minute
SessionJosh StumpenhorstTBA
The Power of Free and Open in Education 2.0
45 Minute
SessionJoshua FaithLearn how Free/Open culture can improve education.
We Live in the Future - 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping in Education
45 Minute
SessionJoshua FaithLearn about 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping tools and their use in the classroom.
MessMy Google Drive is a Mess, Now What?
45 Minute
SessionJT CoxWe all know your Google Drive is a dumpster fire, I'll help you put it out.
EdulasEdulastic: a FREE K-12 resource to create tech-enhanced questions that model state tests...with auto grading!
45 Minute
SessionMichele FlohreLooking for sites to help streaming like DMRs, DLRs, and DI? &nbsp;Looking for ways students can work online to show math work? Metacognition? Looking for sites that mimic Tech Enhanced Items on tests? &nbsp;Look no further! &nbsp;Learn about Edulastics awesome site and services from a classroom teacher who uses it! Participants will learn how to navigate the edulastic website and how they can implement it into their classrooms.
Next Level Communications: Infographic Make-and-Take
45 Minute
SessionKatie HaulterTired of the same old classroom newsletters, book reports, and timelines? Join us for a hands-on class in creating a stellar classroom newsletter using Infographic websites like Piktochart and Canva, and get parents to notice your newsletters!
iPadiPads in the Primary Classroom
45 Minute
SessionKelly Allen, Kayla HeitzHave you ever wondered how to fully integrate iPads into your classroom? We sure have! Come explore ways to engage students in content learning through the technology. Both math and reading apps will be shared as well as ways to make their use meaningful! Come ready to share your successes too, as we all learn from one another!
Creating Engaging Math Lessons and Assessments
45 Minute
SessionKeshia SeitzCreating Engaging Math Lessons and Assessments
SeesawSeesaw: Tracking Student Growth
45 Minute
SessionKeshia SeitzSeesaw: Tracking Student Growth
Taking Your Classroom to the Next Level: Google Classroom (Advanced)
45 Minute
SessionKeshia SeitzTaking Your Classroom to the Next Level: Google Classroom (Advanced)
Create a Digital Hub for your Classroom with Google Sites
2 HourWorkshopKyle PaceAre you looking to create a media-rich, professional looking school or classroom website? Google Sites brings the best of Google Apps for Education together in one place. This session will cover how to create a site, basic editing, creating a site structure, and how to bring in content from Google Drive, YouTube, and Google Calendar to create a robust digital center of your classroom!
DuckDuck Duck Google Classroom
45 Minute
SessionLaura Morris, Tina MortonWhat is this Google Classroom you speak of? Tired of hearing all the hype about Google Classroom. Tired of being left out of the crowd. Learn how Google Classroom can work for your classroom and your school. Mrs. Morris uses the app to create school announcements and professional development opportunities for staff.
Improve Student Writing with SAS® Curriculum Pathways®
45 Minute
SessionLee Ellen HarmerIn this hands-on session, explore innovative tools that can help students become more effective, sophisticated writers. Writing Navigator is a suite of tools from SAS Curriculum Pathways that supports students through the entire writing process &mdash; planning, drafting, revising, and publishing. We will demonstrate the tools, describe best practices for integrating the tools in a variety of educational settings, and give participants the opportunity to use the tools &mdash; just as students would &mdash; to plan, draft, revise, and/or publish an essay.
No Cost Digital Resources for K-12 from SAS Curriculum Pathways
45 Minute
SessionLee Ellen HarmerIn this hands-on session, learn about the 1,500+ interactive tools, resources, and apps spanning the core disciplines for K-12 and beyond &ndash; all provided at no cost. Resources include tools, apps, lessons, data sets and primary sources, addressing concepts and skills in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and Spanish.
GoappIntroduction to Google Apps
45 Minute
SessionMarci SkeltonYou might know about Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Drawings, but do you know what those apps can do you your classroom and students? Join me as we go through the Google Apps for Education and look at how to use these tools to enhance, engage and encourage student success!
Tools6 tools to Communicate with Parents
45 Minute
SessionMarci SkeltonWant to get the word out about assignments and assessments? Want to share the good news and happenings of your classroom? Want to engage parents in the education of your students? There are free apps that will support and encourage parent/teacher communication. Join me as we visit the apps and connect with your parents tomorrow!
K-2 Technology in Small Groups and at Home with McGraw-Hill
45 Minute
SessionMarci Smith<p>articipants will learn how to best implement technology in small groups, utilizing McGraw-Hill online resources.&nbsp; They will also learn how to help parents to use those online resources at home.</p>
3-5 Differentiating and Flipping your Classroom with McGraw-Hill
45 Minute
SessionMarci SmithParticipants will learn ways to differentiate their instruction utilizing online resources from McGraw-Hill and how to assign those resources, along with the use of the assessment features.&nbsp; They will learn ways to use McGraw-Hill for flipping their classroom.
RevampRevamping Professional Development
45 Minute
SessionMegan Scott, Amanda WhitlockToo many times teachers associate PD with sitting and looking at a PowerPoint while someone reads it to them. See how one school district harnessed the power of their librarians to change the way PD is done in their schools.
DiffclaDifferentiation with ClassFlow
45 Minute
SessionMelissa Lipka<p>We all know that each individual learns differently. As teachers we do our best to meet every student where they are. At times, this can be a tall order. Let ClassFlow help by showing you how to create student groups. Then, through those groups we will show you how to differentiate your content to groups or individuals on the fly. Trust me it&rsquo;s easier than it sounds! ClassFlow is FREE!</p>
BBclaBuilding Basics in ClassFlow
45 Minute
SessionMelissa Lipka<p>Do you already have a ClassFlow account but just aren&rsquo;t sure where to start. Well, this is the next step. In this session we will walk you through how to access the thousands of lesson plans and resources that are already available to you. We will also teach you how to build out your own resource library and get past that ominous first blank page. ClassFlow is FREE!</p>
WSclaWorkshop: ClassFlow 1012 HourWorkshopMelissa Lipka<p>Getting started with ClassFlow! Improve student engagement by facilitating the interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum, and assessments for learning. Experience and develop high impact lessons that engage every student by enabling the dynamic flow of content between teacher and student devices. <strong>ClassFlow</strong>&nbsp;is an interactive lesson delivery system that increases the depth of student and teacher engagement by providing the collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning. Device Agnostic.</p>
GeekIndiana Gets It's Geek On2 HourWorkshopMichele RobertsComplete a workshop (and receive free swag and curriculum materials), and learn about the exiting developments going on in Computer Science (CS) education. Explore classroom activities, ways to integrate CS Education across the Curriculum, sample tools available for your students and see what professional development opportunities are available for you!
ClueExplore: A Clue Solving Adventure
45 Minute
SessionMichele StuckyBe a tech-savvy, clue solver to create an itinerary for a 'virtual field trip' to some great locations right here in Indiana. Celebrate the Bicentennial by solving it, then living it.
Building a Better Digital Citizen Starts with Me (Part 1)
45 Minute
SessionMichelle GreenAre you taking the necessary steps to equip your students with the skills they need to be responsible online? Not sure where to begin? I have a plan.<br />
Building a Better Digital Citizen Starts with Me (Part 2)
45 Minute
SessionMichelle GreenHow do you go about making sure that every student in your classroom, school, or district receives instruction on digital citizenship? I suggest you leverage Google Apps for Education and Common Sense Education&rsquo;s curriculum to execute a plan. <br />
UGCCUtilizing GoogleClassroom for Your Class2 HourWorkshopNatalie Bronson, Eric RobinsonWe will assist participants in setting up classes in Google Classroom and teach how to use the various tools and features of the platform and integrate them into your classes. Additionally, we'll discuss what to expect from your ChromeBook-enable students while using the platform.
Curating and Creating Videos Are a MUST in Your Future Classroom
2 HourWorkshopNelu LazarVideos are - or will become - a MUST in schools. Videos are the only way teachers can literally show students how the world really works. Videos can bring in your 1:1 classroom ideas and realities that otherwise would not be readily available. Teachers need to continue to educate the students for the way the world out there will work for them in the future. This session plans to show Teachers a seamless solution to integrate educational videos in their classrooms.
Hacking the K-8 Computer Science Standards
45 Minute
SessionNick FlowersThis session will review the newly created and adopted computer science standards for kindergarten through eighth grade.
Scik5Science Standards-ology for K-5
45 Minute
SessionNick FlowersThis session will review the 2016 adopted elementary science standards for kindergarten through fifth grade.
ELLSGoogle Classrooms for ELLs
45 Minute
SessionPaisley RewLearn how to provide supplemental information for your ELL students using Google Classroom.
11TI1:1 Technology Integration
45 Minute
SessionRachel OverbergSkypying with Authors, Marine Biologist, and NASA. The presentation would also include engaging technology tools, Learning management systems, and online behavior management tools.
Building a Course with CourseSites
45 Minute
SessionRoseMarie McCandlessDid you know that you can use Blackboard in your classroom, for FREE? CourseSites is a free learning management system that you can use to deliver digital content in a 1:1 classroom. I will demonstrate a few features of CourseSites, and how I use them in my science classes.
PRIDEPRIDE Film Festival
45 Minute
SessionRoxanne Koopman, Susan DailyAdd some FUN to your PBIS plan by making awesome videos. Mrs. Koopman and Mrs. Daily will share some videos made by Corden Porter and other schools and show you how to make your own.
GC68Google Classroom 6-8
45 Minute
SessionRoxanne Koopman, Tina MortonSign up for this class to learn the basics of Google Classroom, an innovative tool that prepares our student's for their future in college.
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