Application for Student Employment
Please complete the questions below to apply for student employment at GBSC.
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For some jobs, such as working in our single-sex residence halls, we need to know your sex. What is your sex?
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If you have a physical condition that may limit your ability to perform certain jobs, please describe it below.
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In the space below, please summarize your past work experience. Include the employer (and contact information), the dates you worked there and a summary of the work you performed. *
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Frequently campus jobs require either (1) 7.5-15 or (2) 15-25 hours of work per week. Which level would you prefer? (Please note that you may be offered more or fewer hours than you prefer, depending on job positions available.) *
Student Agreement
Students applying for campus employment must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) unless they are ineligible non-citizens. *
Campus employment may be restricted to students with demonstrated financial need, as determined by FAFSA or other relevant information. *
Pay from campus employment is applied to the student employee's student account (i.e., is applied against his/her college bill). In most cases, checks are not given. *
By submitting this form, the student named above certifies that all responses are full and correct information. *
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