Human Book Registration Form for the Human Library @GateWay
Thank you for your interest in serving as a Human Book for the Human Library. The Human Books are unpaid volunteers who are subjected to stereotyping and prejudices, and willing to share their experiences with the community. The Human Library will take place on Tuesday April 11th, 2017. We will contact you for scheduling and details. (Emi)
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What time would you be available on Tuesday April 11? (Check all that apply)
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Give yourself a book title which is short and clear (transgender, female cop, HIV positive...) Please see the samples below.
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Your biography will work as a book jacket. Up to 75 words, please provide a description of your life and one bias/stereotype (gay, veteran, police officer, etc.) you have experienced. You can write as first person (I) or a third person (your first name only). Your biography will be included in our online registration system without your identity. The readers will select a Human Book based on the stereotype in the biography. Here are some samples.;
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Please tell us if you have any special dietary needs. We will provide light lunch.
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We have limited t-shirt sizes. No XS available. If you need a size other than the list, please indicate it in the comment area below
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