Reservations for the Giant Map of the South America at KSU

For more information about the Giant Map of the South America, click here: Reservations are first come first serve. Existing reservations will be listed here as they come in. Please note that this is a teacher led program. Accompanying the map is a set of ready-to-use activities that are available online ( as well as atlases, books, music, videos, and game materials.You can adapt these lessons for your students, or you can bring your own activities. Maps to KSU are available here: Parking information is available here: If you request a time frame that has already been reserved, you will receive an email asking you to pick another time. Existing reservations will be listed on the form. This is a list of reservations for large groups of students. We can not overlap groups, so please look at this list before you schedule your trip. Reservations can be made on weekdays from 9am to 4pm. DATES MAP WILL BE AVAILABLE 10/25 10/26 10/28 10/29 10/31 11/1 TIME FRAMES THAT ARE UNAVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY RESERVED:
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