The concept:

The Odyssey class U.S.S. Starfinder is about to launch on her maiden voyage. She is to herald a very bold experiment- her Captain is not a living being, but a very advanced self aware AI programmed with the experience and tactical skill of dozens of Starfleet’s finest commanders.

Represented as an interactive hologram that utilizes the holo emitters across the ship, the Captain proves the experiment to be working when victory after victory, the ship accomplishes the impossible over many missions.

But as the season moves along, signs that this self aware self learning computer Captain may be becoming a bit to callous in regarding the value of his living crew’s lives, become painfully more and more obvious.

By the season’s end, the living bridge officers must decide whether to take matters into their own hands and remove the ever growing danger the holo Captain poses, meanwhile the holo Captain has learned of the conspiracy to shut him down, and made plans for self preservation..

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The Cast

Captain “ANN-D” (Artificial Neural Network, version D)-

The first successful version ready for field testing of Starfleet’s experimental Bio-Neural “brain” Artificial Intelligence concept; a genetically engineered synthetic brain connected to a very advanced computer network tied into the Starfinder’s main computer core.

The Captain interacts as a hologram,, Human in appearance. He can multitask literally- and be in several places at once, such as the main and battle bridge when Starfinder separates the saucer. His life experience memories are donated by several of Starfleet’s best Captains, the memories and experiences transferred to his matrix.

He is a tactical genius, and has over 10 million artificial synapses in his large synthetic brain that can process information and recall it at a rate 10,000 times faster than a normal living being.

His synthetic brain is in many ways, arguably superior or more efficient than the positronic brain of android Captain Data. (something his creator, Dr. Gaius Aldrich loves to debate with members of Daystrom institute such as Commander Maddox.)


Commander Vaihuu

The First officer and a Female Romulan, raised as a Federation citizen. (a sort of reverse Worf template but Romulan and female) Vai was born on Earth, in San Francisco when her mother, an Ambassador to Romulus, was attending a peace conference the day the Hobus star supernova destroyed Romulus.

The news of the tragic event triggered an early labor, and Vaihuu was born on the floor of the Federation Council chambers.

After the delivery, her mother requested asylum to live on earth and it was granted.

A Starfleet Admiral fell in love with her mother, and the two began a romantic relationship that led to marriage.

She was raised a very proud Federation citizen, and despite the prejudice and suspicion her racial origins clouded over her, she had a strong and well respected adoptive father as her example who encouraged her to overcome the fears of others and focus on becoming who she wants to be.

Though she has had curiosity about her roots, she has had little interaction with the Romulan people, in part because her father has carefully made her assigned posts far away from Romulan space, out of fear she would become tempted to seek out her lineage and leave Starfleet.

Vaihuu strives to prove herself as an example of Romulan Starfleet officers, her hero was Worf, whom she looks up to as an example of overcoming one’s baggage from family ties and finding one’s own place in the universe.

Sergeant Charles “Chucky” Byrnes

Sgt Byrnes is a human male of age 40, twice divorced, he is a MACO senior NCO for the troops assigned to Starfinder.

In the pilot, the commanding officer of the MACO’s is killed, and he is the senior ranking man left in charge.

Sgt Byrnes has struggled in his career, he has battled problems with stims and alcohol, and post traumatic stress disorder from his experiences in combat.

This character represents the fact things are not rosey as they once were in the Federation. A very long drawn out series of wars has challenged the members of Starfleet. Charles Byrnes has had to bear witness to atrocities that should not be dealt with. And in the world of war, the once perfect Federation, has no solutions for men like Charles, who struggle to maintain their dignity, sanity, and loyalty to the ideals of the Federation.

I plan to voice this character myself.

Dr. Torik

Torik is a Vulcan male, around the same age Spock was in TOS season 1.

He is the Chief medical officer of Starfinder, and he has also been a field agent for Starfleet Intelligence.

He has just returned from a 3 year undercover operation disguised as a Romulan and planted as a spy in Romulan space. He has spent the last several months meditating and “re-adjusting” himself to his experiences, while undercover he fell in love with a Romulan female Centurion and had become lovers with her, risking his cover but also taking advantage of her position to get

close to the command staff where he was undercover serving.


Alura is a female Vorta, in the pilot episode, which begins in the aftermath of the 2800 featured episode story arc, Alura is one of the Vorta who break her ship and it’s Jem’hadar crew away from Khurikon’s forces, after he betrays the Dominion in the events of the story arc.

She has approached the Starfleet forces at DS9 and made an appeal; her crew have nowhere else to go. They cannot return to the Gamma Quadrant, shunned by the Founders,and they would rather not join the True Way.

She makes an offer to serve Starfleet, and Starfleet command after hours of debate, agree that the Vorta is sincere and assign her and her troops of Jem’hadar to Starfinder.

Trust becomes the seasonal issue within the crew and her crew, she connects and forms a friendship and “possible” romance with a Trill crew member, her clone existence becoming compared to a Trill’s symbiotic life extension.

Lt. Penn Ch’nette

An Andorian liberated Borg, who also happens to be homosexual, or rather he finds himself in an intimate relationship with his unique mini collective rapport with someone. Penn is the helmsman of Starfinder.

He is unique in several ways, after being liberated from the collective, he formed a unique 1 on 1 “collective” with a male Aenar named Zeller.

The two are inseparable, Zeller is mute, he cannot speak, and as an Aenar he is naturally blind with enhanced telepathic senses. But after forming the bond with Penn, they are synced together and form a sort of “comedic duo”.

Penn is shunned by Andorian clan mates, being gay is a sin in Andorian society, bisexuality is normal, but being gay stalls the chances of procreation within an already challenged society with 3 genders needed to do a simple reproduction.

Penn and his little buddy are inspired by magicians Penn and Teller.

DJ Jhen is cast as Penn.  Zeller has no voice actor but will have sounds that denote his doing things Borg like sounds from his implants.

Lt. Commander Mario Stark

A human male, age 37, Italian-Irish ethnicity; Chief Engineer of Starfinder.

He is inspired by the Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. archetype, but of Italian ethnicity.

Stark is a specialist in Photonic engineering, and unknown to the rest of the crew, he was recruited into Section 31 due to their concerns of the new AI Captain and the potential danger to Starfleet this AI could pose.

His secret agenda is to study the AI neural interface during his duties as Chief Engineer, and find a way to “pull the plug” if things get out of hand.

Lt. Commander “J.J.” Abrin

JJ is a male Joined Trill, his current host is about 36 yrs old, he is the Tactical officer of Starfinder.

His symbiont has lived roughly 200 years so far, JJ has only had the symbiont joined to him for about 5 years now.

He is  short tempered and impatient, often having his finger on the weapons fire buttons ready to go, this is partially because his previous host died a gruesome death being beheaded by a Klingon Bat’Leth, and the Starfleet surgeons barely managed to rescue the symbiont in time and transfer it to the new host.

He has flashbacks of the way he died, even seeing his own dismembered body as the head fell to the floor, and this has had repercussions at his mental health status at times, especially when Klingons are near.

JJ will form a friendship with Alura, the Vorta, and possibly become romantically involved with her later.

He was named after JJ abrahms as a slight spoof and nod to the man.

I had Jahner in mind to possibly play this role.

Ensign Dominic Donatri

Ensign Donatri is fresh from the academy, of Italian descent,and serves as Operations officer of Starfinder.

Because of his high ranking uncle, he thinks he is something special, a fact he is to learn, is not the case in the pilot.

He is one of a few “drinking buddies” with Sgt Byrnes.

DJ Creamygoodness is cast as Dominic.

Dr. Gaius Aldrich

Dr. Aldrich is a Human/Deltan, his mother was a Deltan and his father a human Starfleet Admiral stationed on Delta 4.

He is roughly in his early 50’s, a leading brilliant scientist and bioengineer for Starfleet who made many of the breakthroughs that led to the Bio synthetic brain neural interface project.

He is assigned to continue care and maintenance of the bio brain, and monitor the progress. He is extremely proud of his work, and looks at the ship’s AI as his “child” and has developed a father/son like relationship with the Captain.

His stubborn tenacity causes him to overlook the limitations of over stimulating the biobrain with dozens of multiple Starfleet brainscan imprinted memories and experiences, not realizing this could cause “mental illness” in the bio brain.

As a half Deltan, he is empathic, he can control pain in another, which always made him excellent as a Doctor as much as a scientist (he has had both careers).

He is named after Sigma-Aldrich Corporation , one of the top bioengineering research and development companies in America.

Tymmy D, a former SSR DJ, and a voice actor, is cast as Dr. Aldrich.

Lt. Commander Alexander Neetal

Chief Science Officer - U.S.S. Starfinder

Race: Kobali (Betazoid in appearance)

Basic History:

Originally a Betazoid starfleet officer on the Pathfinder project, Alexander Neetal was one of the first to join an expedition into the Delta Quadrant to explore areas Voyager had discovered. Alexander was lost on a survey mission when his shuttle was struck by debri and crashed on a planet in Kobali space. The Kobali reanimated Alexander, altered his DNA, and gave him a new name and new family. Alexander, now known as Loeyi-Soey Twii-Chan, spent 20 years with the Kobali.

Over those 20 years memories of his life as Alexander resurfaced and he began to desire to know more about his past life. After coming accross a Starfleet transmission, Loeyi-Soey stole a shuttle and went after the signal. The ship was a Starfleet science ship on it's way back to Federation space. After convinceing the crew of who he was they agreed to take him back to Starfleet. Once at Starfleet medical they used similar methods developed by The Doctor from Voyager to return Alexander to his original appearance as a Betazoid. Due to the DNA resequnceing that turned him into a Kobali his telepathic and empathic abilities were supressed.

Doctors at Starfleet Medical have been working on a way to reactivate the neural pathways to the telepathic and empathic parts of his brain but have so far not been able to find a way. With Alexander's knowledge from the academy returning to him he was put back into active duty with his former rank of Lt. Commander. His first assignment, Chief Science officer on the U.S.S. Starfinder.

Corporal Hobbs

Hobbs is a male Caitian and one of the MACOs on board.

He is very bitter towards the Ferasans, his mate and children were slaughtered when a Ferasan raiding party attacked a Caitian trade ship near the homeworld of Cait.

Corporal Hicks

Hicks is Sergeant Byrne’s buddy, and his second in charge of “lightning squad”, the recon squad that conducts operations by heading out with the “U.S.S. Scorpio”

He is a human male, mid 30’s, he, Byrnes, and Hobbs, have survived a lot of combat together, and are a tight group.

He develops a thing for Serenia and chases after her, she prefers “officers” and makes him work for it.

He was named after Corporal hicks from Aliens.

Shea is playing this role.

Corporal Naveera

A joined trill M.A.C.O. medic, raised on earth in Scotland, Naveera’s prior host was killed by Breen during the Dominion war, which makes her unsettled around the Breen security chief on Starfinder. DJ Puddytat plays Navera.


Captain Serenia is a beautiful Orion female trader captain, of the freighter S.S. Princess Ark. I picture her as a recurring character, like Vash from TNG or Harry Mudd from TOS.

She is voiced by DJ Taceht, who played Serenia in an ad I created for Subspace Radio.

Admiral Woods

Admiral Woods, will be a recurring contact along with Admiral T’Nae, in the series.

He was named in honor of Mike Woods, aka DJ Buzz. He is the adopted father of First officer Vaihuu, he married her Romulan ambassador mother years before.

Secondary crew of the Aquarius class escort launched from Starfinder-

Concentus had a great idea to have a secondary crew that uses the Aquarius escort Odyssey class ships can have.

U.S.S. Scorpio- Aquarius class escort

Lt. Commander Garrett Austin

Liberated Borg Human male, Chief Engineer of the Scorpio

Austin has the Scorpio synced to his Borg implants thus allowing him to monitor and perform peak engineering diagnostics instantly, he has repair drones and exocomps synced to his mental control as well, maximizing the Borg implants to work with the advanced technology at his disposal.

The character was named after Steve Austin, the Bionic man.

Concentus is meant to act this character

Security Chief Zol

Species: Breen

Gender: Male

Current Starfleet Rank: Commander

Current Assignment: Chief Security Officer, USS Starfinder

Service Record:

Zol had served as an Ak’ched Soldier under Thot Trel, which is the equivalent to a Starfleet Lieutenant. After the incident at the Preserver Archive, Zol defected along with several other members of Thot Trel’s crew to the Federation, seeking asylum and a position at Starfleet.  

He was assigned to the USS Clark, under the Command of Captain Ga’HBor, under the rank of Lieutenant. Zol received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander after his service dealing with the Borg threat on Starbase 82. Zol became the USS Clark’s Chief Security Officer after the previous CSO was killed in combat with the Tal Shiar. Starfleet reassigned Zol to be the USS Starfinder’s Chief Security Officer, and promoted him to Commander.


Not much is known of Zol’s life besides his service record. The Breen do not keep record of Family, so it is not known who Zol’s parents are or if he has siblings, or even a family of his own.

The Bio is written by Big Mike and Zol will be played by him.

General Valkara

Klingon commander of the Bortas class battleship “Kradec”. The General is sent in to scout the “Outback” when an interphasic rift opens in Klingon space and the outback, created by the Tholians.

She has no interest in cooperating with Starfleet, but after several clashes with Tholians, an uneasy truce and cooperation will develop between the Starfinder and the Kradec.

DJ Puddytat plays Valkara, her first mate Cmd Krang, is played by Soriedam of Gates of Stovokor




T’Kayla is a Romulan Federation “Time Agent” from the mid 31st century.

The character originated in my foundry story arcs, and she plays a recurring role later

in the season.

The synopsis of the Pilot  episode (More crew Bio’s will continue to be added but I have a concept for the pilot)

1- Pilot

“ The Back Of Beyond”

After the newly launched starship “Starfinder” embarks on her maiden voyage with her experimental Captain, Starfleet assigns her to explore a newly “opened” region of space that was previously blocked due to massive subspace anomalies that have mysteriously cleared up, the “Outback” as it is dubbed due to being directly beyond the colony of “New Australia”.

Taking with her the Vorta Alura and her Jem’Hadar regiment, this new crew must test their relationships within the ship, while exploring a mystery in the backyard of the Alpha quadrant.

The Tholians

The season 1 bad guys that are the “common” enemy encountered, will be the Tholians.

They are exploiting interphasic rifts that they managed to “tunnel out” through subspace and one of the rifts opened up in the “Outback”.

When they become aware Starfleet has started exploring the Outback, they become viciously territorial, especially when they have discovered some ancient mysteries and relics on some of it’s worlds they won’t let fall into Starfleet hands..




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