US - Jury Pimp my Build - Jury Candidate Form


Before reading further, remember one important rule: you CANNOT talk about your intention to be a jury member to ANYONE. The same goes for your being a jury member, should you be selected.

- You are a fan of Allods Online and the Pimp My Build contest.
- You would like to contribute to the contest and improve its organisation in order to see more of this event.
- Maybe you have been a jury member in a previous edition and think that you could have done better.

Well, it might be time to see if you're up to the challenge!

Pimp my Build is pages upon pages of text on new talents and functionalities sent in by the participants.

It means sweat, tears and disappointments on the day the results are announced. Pimp my Build means glamour, conspiracy theories and even attempted bribery!

We choose players to be the judges of this contest, because if the entries are judged by a range of fellow players, the final verdict gains all the more validity! You can't deny a champion chosen by his/her peers!

But only a select few applicants will be picked, and only if they provided the proper information on their profiles and motivations.

No stone is left unturned in order to prevent manipulation attempts and other dark machinations:
- The jury will be picked and monitored by the gPotato team. Any fraud will be sanctioned with heavy penalties on their game accounts.
- The grading will be anonymous in order to avoid any attempt to temper with the results. The coefficient used to calculate the final results won't be shared either, it will only be known to the gPotato team.

No, this isn't Big Brother, but if you want to be a part of it, you will have to show good will on your behalf.

Discretion is absolutely MANDATORY, and it is only the first of many conditions in order to be a member of the jury.

Should you be selected, you will receive a private message on your Guild Portal account in the coming days. Then, please just follow the instructions contained therein.

You won't receive a message if you are not selected. Don't take it personally, we only have a limited number of spots for jury members.

Good luck and thank you!