I hereby acknowledge receipt of or access to the 2011-2012 Ozark R-6 School District Employee Handbook which can be accessed at www.ozark.k12.mo.us. I agree to read the handbook and abide by the standards, policies, and procedures defined or referenced in this document. The information in this handbook is subject to change. I understand that changes in District polices may supersede, modify, or eliminate the information summarized in this booklet. As the District provides updated policy information, I accept responsibility for reading and abiding by the changes. I understand that no modifications to contractual relationships or alterations of at-will employment relationships are intended by this handbook. I understand that I have an obligation to inform my supervisor or department head of any changes in personal information, such as phone number, address, etc. I also accept responsibility for contacting my supervisor or the Human Resource Office, if I have questions or concerns or need further explanation. Note: In the event of a discrepancy between any information contained in our Employee Handbook or in the online Employee Handbook and Board Policies, Board Policy will govern.
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