2019-20 Video Conference Request Form
Submit this form a week prior to the event.
Be on time for the video conference.
Turn the unit on 15 minutes prior to the designated connection time.
Mute all room Mic's until needed to question presenter.

If there is a cost for this conference, determine what your funding source. Check with campus administrators/specialist for assistance with funding.

All form fields must be completed.

If you are unable to attend the video conference after it has been scheduled, please notify Sharell Henry at sharell.henry@aliefisd.net or Debbie Vincent at debbie.vincent@aliefisd.net

Please email Luis Vasco if you need to run a test of your video conference equipment a couple of days before the video conference.

Please email Gerard Tafallo if you need assistance setting up the video conference equipment.

For Directions on completing Connect2Texas website, please download these directions. http://goo.gl/Vfm0oR
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