HANA / Tableau Super Users


Agriculture, Food, and Environment:  Jamie Dunn, Tricia Coakley

Arts & Sciences:  Jesse Hedge, Raegan Wilson, Michelle Combs

Business and Economics:  Stephanie Lynch, Rena Keath

Communication and Information:  Derek Lane

Dentistry:  Christine Harper

Design:  Sabrina Brewer

Education:  Monica Nielsen, Kevin Flora, Gerry Swan

Engineering:  Rob Theakston, Kim Anderson, Tony Colella

Fine Arts: 

Graduate School:  Mark Cruse

Health Sciences:  Becky Unites, Hannah Morgan


Medicine:  Scott Pappas, Stephen Welch


Pharmacy:  Catina Rossoll

Public Health:  Scot McIntosh, Kimberly Tumlin

Social Work:  Ray Dowd

Academic Excellence:  Todd Brann, Aaron Vaught