Bear Valley Needs Assessment: Parent Survey
This is a confidential survey. Please feel free to give your honest opinions. The information will be useful in planning ways to improve the school. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
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My child's teachers have explained to me what my child is expected to learn in each subject and grade level.
The content my child is expected to learn is too difficult.
Teachers don't give enough homework.
I make sure my child does homework.
I remind my child of the importance of getting a good education.
Teachers really try to understand parents' problems and concerns.
Staff are friendly to parents when they call or visit the school.
Teachers and other staff share ideas with parents on how they can help their children learn at home.
At this school, teachers communicate well with parents from different language groups.
At this school, teachers communicate well with parents from different ethnic or income groups.
I am satisfied that my child is learning the kind of skills and knowledge needed to graduate from high school.
Parents and teachers get along well together at this school.
My child's teachers are eager to talk to me so they can understand the needs of my child.
Teachers in this school have high expectations that my child will learn.
I attend parent-teacher conferences when the teacher asks me to.
The school holds events (back-to-school night, parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings, etc.) at times that are convenient to me/my family.
The teachers in this school communicate to let me know how my child is doing in school.
This school has staff in the front office who speaks the parents' language.
What type of parent trainings are you interested in and would like to attend next year?
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