University of Hertfordshire students: have you been affected by catcalling/street harassment, on or around campus?
[This survey is part of a project for a Women and Gender Studies class at the College of Charleston, and an article for Trident Media, and we do ask that those partaking in the survey have experienced catcalling or street harassment of some form - a definition is provided below, but this is not necessarily encompassing everyone's experience.
While the survey will intake anonymous answers, and providing personal details is optional, the information will be used in the project as a comparison between both campuses' perception and experiences of catcalling, may be utilised in a student-led documentary, and may have the potential to be published in the future.]

Catcall (/'kat?kôl/): "1.1 A loud whistle or a comment of a sexual nature..." (Oxford Dictionary [US]).

Catcalling can be in the form of comments about a person's physical appearance, wolf-whistling, and physical gestures that are ultimately unwanted because of a lack of consent from the person receiving the catcalling - typically, the targets are women. In an interview with 2500 women in the UK, ActionAid found that 75% had experienced "violence or harassment in cities". In a 2011 survey by Gallup of 11,259 women in the UK, 62% were also less likely to feel safe at night in comparison to 82% of men (Gallup).

Global statistics tend to show that women face higher rates of catcalling, though this is not restricted to women: men and non-binary people also face street harassment, with US statistics showing that primarily LGBT-identifying males faced street harassment, in the form of xenophobic comments (

What this survey will attempt to do is to gather information from University of Hertfordshire students and their experiences, and perception, of catcalling, and then compare it with that of students of the College of Charleston. Demographic information can be collected from the survey, such as gender identity, sexuality, age, etc. - however, this is optional information - its only usage will be for statistical evidence.

We do ask that in order to partake in this catcalling survey, you are: (1) 18 years of age, or older; (2) a student at the University of Hertfordshire; (3) have received catcalling, and this has been either on the University of Hertfordshire campus, or around the campus (i.e. the outskirts of the campuses).

Gender identity (e.g. trans / female / non-binary / male)
The following questions are regarding a specific incident
When has this taken place?
Was this in a specific environment or location? If so, please note this location (e.g. outside a particular building / on a street)
Who harassed/catcalled you? Please include the following information: amount of person(s), their perceived age, perceived gender.
Were you accompanied with anyone, or alone?
How did you respond to the harassment?
Did the harassment continue, despite the response?
How did this situation make you feel? Please enter one adjective to describe this (e.g. irritated, frightened, indifferent)
Why did you choose this adjective? (e.g. I chose 'nervous' because it made me feel self-conscious)
Has the situation affected you beyond the incident? (e.g. have you chosen to avoid certain routes or times when walking)
The following questions are regarding street harassment/catcalling in general
Do you consider street harassment/catcalling to be an issue? Please explain your answer.
If so, do you think street harassment/catcalling is taken seriously enough as an issue?
If you have sought advice or help from the University of Hertfordshire, or services unaffiliated with the university, were they helpful? If so, or not, please explain how; and if not, how could they respond better?
Why do you think street harassment/catcalling continues to exist?
How often have you, or do you, experience street harassment/catcalling? *
Are you willing to be contacted for a further interview regarding your experience? If so, please enter your email address here, or whatever contact information you are comfortable entering. You may be asked to provide your name and other details, for evidence for supporting quotes, etc.
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