Bicycle Safety Quiz
Take this quiz to find out how much you know about riding bikes on Clemson's campus!
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Is it required for bikers to wear helmets? *
Where can you find a map of bike lanes or sharrows and Bikeshare locations? *
True or False: You must always ride in a bike lane when there is one present. *
What is a Sharrow? *
What should you be aware of while biking? *
How can you communicate to other bikers or drivers that you are making a turn while biking? *
True or False: Even when biking with a friend, you should ride single-file. *
True or False: You don’t need to abide by all traffic signals and stop signs when biking. *
True or False: You must dismount your bike at all walk zones on campus. *
True or False: You can ride your bike on sidewalks. *
True or False: You can ride on the handlebars of someone’s bike or ride with multiple people on one bike. *
Where should the BikeShare bike be returned to once you are done using it? *
In which direction do you bike in reference to the flow of traffic? *
Which of the following is NOT a Walk Zone on campus? *
True or False: It is okay to text while biking. *
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