CAC Pre-K-12 Social Studies Scope and Sequence
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Pre-K-12 Social Studies Scope and Sequence
CAC Social Studies Philosophy Statement
Creative CurriculumAERO StandardsCAC IB and AP Information
Pre-KKindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11/12
Expanding Development and Understanding of the WorldThemes of Social Studies in Historical PespectiveChronological Development of HistoryUS History & IB
The Individual and Their EnvironmentThe Individual and Their EnvironmentThe FamilyRegionsNation BuildingWorld DevelopmentGovernment, Culture and Economics of the Ancient WorldGeographyModern Government and EconomicsFoundations of World HistoryModern World HistoryUS History and US History AP
Beginning of the YearI am MeI’m a Puzzle : Culture and the FamilyWe Live in rural and Urban CommunitiesOne World: Our CommunityConnections with HistoryWorld Development from the Past: A Case Study of SpainAmazing MesopotamiaPhysical Geography: Themes of Geography and Geography SkillsSystems of GovernmentThe First CivilizationsConnecting Hemispheres: The World in 1500’s – 1800’sIB Economics HL and SL
Buildings StudyLittle Me in a Big SchoolLook at me Now: Families Past and PresentCultures and the Community
Shaping Communities Around the World: Comparisons and Connections of Two Case StudiesThe Road to IndependenceWorld Development in Science and TechnologyAncient Egypt: Land of the PharaohsPhysical Geography: Land and Resource UseConstitutionsDevelopments in Government and SocietyAbsolutism and RevolutionsIB History HL
Clothes Study
Incredible IndiaHuman Geography: Population and DemographyRevolutionsAfrican and American CivilizationsIndustrialism and Imperialism
Balls StudyAncient China: Dragons and DynastiesHuman Geography: Elements of CultureIndustriallization and ImmigrationThe Formation of Western EuropeThe World at War: 20th Century Conflicts
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle StudyAncient Greece/RomeCurrent Issues: Child Labor and RefugeesBoom and BustThe Expansion of the Muslim WorldThe Modern Era: Independence Movements of 20th Century
Trees StudyConflict and ResolutionDevelopments in Asian, African and American Civilizations
Government = Blue, Geography = Green, Economics = Yellow, Culture & Society = Red, Grey = High School US History & IB
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