2016 Graduate Follow-Up
Scott Regional Technology Center is required to provide a summary report of the 2016 graduates and what they are doing after graduation. Please answer the following questions and click the submit button. We thank you for your help!!
1. What is your name?
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2. What program(s) were you enrolled in at Scott Tech" *
3. Are you currently going to college or receiving training of some kind? *
4. If you are going to college or receiving training, please list the name of the college or training institution.
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5. Please select the best description of the training you are receiving.
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6. What are you studying?
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7. Are your studies related to the program(s) you attended here at Scott Tech?
8. Are you in the Mililtary?
9. What branch of the military are you in?
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10. What are your duties?
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11. Are those duties related to what you studied here at Scott Tech?
12. Are you working?
13. What is the name of the business where you work?
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14. What is your job title?
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15. Select the best description of your current employment.
16. Are your job duties related to the program(s) you studied here at Scott Tech?
17. If you are not working or going to school, please explain why?
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18. Now is the time to provide feedback on your education you received here at Scott Tech. Please share with us the positive and negative things about your time on our campus. Also, please make suggestions on how we can better prepare students for life after high school graduation.
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Thank you!
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