World Retrospectives Day
The first World Retrospectives Day is coming! It will be full of activities to learn about and experience the power of agile retrospectives. Leave your email address if you want to be informed about details!

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If you just leave your email address, that's fine, just hit "send" and we'll keep you in the loop! But if you are willing to let us know a bit more about who you are, what your experience with retrospectives is and what you'd expect from a World Retrospectives Day, that would be tremendously helpful! Thank you!
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Every year at the Retrospective Facilitators Gathering (RFG), a group of "retrospective obsessed individuals" gets together to discuss trends, opportunities, best practices, and lessons learned around agile retrospectives. At this year's RFG, one thing that came up was how to share these findings with the larger agile community. As we continue to think through the opportunity, one idea that came up was to hold a World Retrospectives Day, in which we bring together the global agile community for 24 hours of sharing and learning around retrospectives. We'd appreciate your input and guidance on what shape a "day of retrospectives" across the globe could take! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions to help us figure out next steps. We're excited to get going.

Your co-conspirators: Allan Jepsen, Ben Spector, Dana Pylayeva, David Horowitz, George Dinwiddie, Joanne Perold, and Tobias Baier
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