Fugue Launch Webinar: Radically Simplify Cloud Operations for the Digital Enterprise
An increasing number of organizations are moving away from the hassles of managing data centers and are adopting the cloud as the platform upon which to run their businesses.

Taking full advantage of the cloud means moving beyond our old data center management tendencies and recognizing that the cloud is actually a new kind of computer, globally distributed with effectively infinite resources available. As a result, we need fresh ways of thinking about how to approach this new paradigm.

We’re delighted to introduce Fugue—a new system designed to reduce cloud complexity and operational costs.

Fugue is an infrastructure deployment and automation system that radically simplifies cloud operations across compute, storage, and network services. With Fugue, teams can compose their desired cloud state using a collaborative, human-friendly method, and then have Fugue automate the provisioning, enforcement, management, and tear-down of complex cloud infrastructure. Fugue reduces deployment friction, delivers full cloud lifecycle automation, and provides complete visibility into running workloads, giving organizations the ability to operate at DevOps speed.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce:

- The core components and architecture of the Fugue system,
- Fugue Compositions, i.e., declarative programs for creating and collaborating on your cloud,
- How to manage state, compliance, and enforcement with the Fugue Conductor,
- Specific examples of how Fugue can reduce costs and streamline cloud ops in a scalable, automated fashion will be provided.

Time: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern
Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Your hosts:
Josh Stella - CEO and Co-founder, Fugue
Drew Wright - Head of Product Marketing and Co-founder, Fugue

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