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Frontend United 2017 session proposal
Are you willing to amaze frontend-people in Greece next year? You have a passion for
- Bleeding-edge JS,
- CSS-art,
- UX-revelations
- Wizardry in Drupal's theming-layer
- or anything in between...

Then we would love your talk!

We already have a short list of crazy-good speakers lined up and many more in the pipeline. If you wish to join that crazy list. Let us know! :)

Last year's sessions have been recorded and already have 8k views, so the more we can share your knowledge the better.

- Sessions can have one to three presenters who explain or describe the topic in an engaging format to the attendees; discussion and audience participation is encouraged.
- The session should be in English so we address an international audience.
- Sent us a link to a previous session (video preferred) you gave, so we have a sight on how you present for an audience.

- Each presenter is responsible for providing his/her own computer for the presentation.

- As a non-profit, we have some wiggle-room to supply some compensations where needed, although this wiggle-room is highly dependant on how well sponsorships go. (Last year we were able to give some speakers some extra reïmbursements after we got all the other expenses taken care of).

Our code of conduct can ve found here:
Our diversity statement can be found here:

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Twitter handle
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Session topic
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Session format
Description of the session
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Are there additional resources you’d like to share relating to the session? (Examples: slides, handouts, video links, website links, news articles)
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In one sentence, what will attendees walk away with?
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(What) do you expect Frontend United to pay to assure your attendance ? (know that we are a non profit, so we can't pay every speaker unfortunately)
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If you can identify yourself as someone from a underrepresented group in tech, let us know!
We added this option as an effort to bring more diversity in the talks and our attendees. Read our diversity statement here:
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I understand that presenters cannot promote or sell presenter products or services during the presentation
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