Institutional Style Drain
Following is our recommendation only. Frigo Design recommends you follow the advice of a licensed plumber to install your custom shower pan.
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Drain Description
Shower pans with an INSTITUTIONAL style drain will have a removable drain plate that can be attached with regular screws or security screws.

Frigo will weld a 2" OD stainless steel pipe underneath and leave it long enough so that you can cut it down to the length you need to fit your drain.

Once cut to the needed length, attach the 2" Sched Pipe (also cut to size) using the adhesive.
Drain cap viewed from the top
3M Adhesive - available from Frigo Design
2" PVC Sch. 40 Pipe
PVC pipe glued over stainless pipe as viewed on the bottom of the pan
close-up view from top
Rubber Tank-To-Bowl Gasket - Quantity required (3)
Stack the three gaskets up against the bottom of the pan.
Drain Hole Preparation
When the floor preparation is complete, place a wax ring or plumbers putty around the hole in the floor, and install the pan.
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