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You want to bring farmers, future farmers, and farmer-friendly folks together at a free event to mingle, learn, and have fun? We're happy to help! Just let us know what you have in mind, and we'll do our best to link you with resources and invite a crew of excited FarmONers to help set-up, tear-down, and enjoy the good times. If you need to contact us directly, email or call us at 503.759.FARM (3276).
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We'll review your info and get back to you in a jiff. Then we'll start promoting your event. What FarmON! and FoFF ask in return is that you: * Collect the contact info of your lovely guests; * Give props to FarmON! and FoFF by allowing one of us to say a few words during the event (or speak on our behalf) and having our literature available; * Document the event (create a short post on the FarmON! Facebook page and take lots of pictures to share). Make sure you and your farmer friends have joined our Google Group so you can follow up on your event, and learn about other get-togethers across the state. And out our events calendar and like us on Facebook: To contact us directly or join the FarmON! google group, email or call us at 503.759.FARM (3276). Most of all, thanks for joining the wave of passionate, hard-working, crazy, and visionary farmers who make our food and farming community feel like Home. Farm on! Read our disclaimer here:

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