Strategic Plan Survey: Draft Mission, Vision, and Core Values

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Together……. we prepare our students for their future.


Spotsylvania County Schools inspire and empower students to become creative thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators by:  Ensuring an engaging and supportive learning environment.  Providing a broad spectrum of innovative opportunities.  Cultivating sustainable partnerships with the community.


STUDENT CENTERED: We provide all students with the essential learning experiences that enable them to optimize their success with postsecondary experiences. LEADERSHIP: We commit to building visionary leaders who embrace change and new possibilities. ACCOUNTABILITY: We are responsible for the delivery of quality services to students, the efficient management and use of resources and the engagement of the community as viable partners. CULTURAL PROFICIENCY: We exhibit attitudes, skills, behaviors, and organizational practices that support the interests of a diverse population. EXCELLENCE: We pursue the highest standards of organizational performance and academic achievement through innovative, research based practices. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: We collectively provide a variety of communication mediums to connect parents, staff, and the entire community. TEAMWORK: We depend upon and are accountable to one another to achieve our common purpose. CITIZENSHIP: We believe in honor, integrity, and are responsible to serve the community.

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