FREDm@il Tips & Reminders!

A review of support requests and questions from these early weeks of FREDm@il use prompted the following tips and reminders!

Check calendar notification settings.  If you are not being notified via an email message that calendar events are being scheduled or changed please check your calendar settings by following the instructions here

To manage email spam (such as checking your spam label), see instructions here

Reminder that all mail (with exception of Junk and Deleted folders) residing in individual Exchange server mailboxes was copied to Google Apps on January 10th.  Any email saved to individual computer hard drives remains (and will remain as long as individuals have not deleted it from their hard drives) available through the Outlook (or Entourage for Macintosh users) email client for reference purposes.  (Outlook is a component of the Microsoft Office Suite and as such can still be opened on the computer desktop to access older email messages.)