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Thank you for volunteering for the recent Franklin PTA Event. We would like to collect feedback about your role, time commitment required, information about the specific functions of the job you performed, as well any best practices you followed, or recommended changes for the future. For instance, if something about the way you performed the role was particularly successful, please highlight that. Likewise, if you encountered frustrations or difficulties around any aspect of your volunteer role for the event, please provide as much detail as possible.

We are gathering this information to help document the various volunteer roles for the future and to modify anything that didn't work. For folks moving on to middle school next year, we don't want to have to track you down for information...we would prefer to document as much as we can now so that we can plan ahead for next year.

This is your opportunity to help codify what worked, highlight what didn't, and suggest improvements for the future. While any and all feedback is welcome, we request that you frame your responses around the "process" rather than "people."

Thank you!
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If you worked with specific vendors, used specific equipment (not supplied by PTA), or underwent special training for this position, please describe and include vendor contact information and links to any relevant details.
Please describe anything that affected the budget, whether positively or negatively.
e.g., if items were donated that would be positive, if we had to buy something extra or pay an unexpected fee, that would be negative.
What were your biggest challenges in this role?
Would you be willing/able to perform this role next year?
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